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very very pleasing

posted by Krazywhite (VALLEJO, CA) Nov 20, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

ok im gonna start off by saying this game isnt a 10 but its pretty close a 9 wouldnt do it... personally i love stealthy tpe gams and this is one of them... it has some flaws like its a lil glitchy and it did freeze 1 time but tat could of been my ps3 so with that said it is worth playing andyou will be amazed by it i dont care what anybody says. and everybody keeps saying its repetitive u get new weapons and techniques and sheet to do stuff diferently s how is that repetitive?

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I gave it a 10 because a 9 wouldn't do it justice!

posted by Qballer33 (FAIRPORT, NY) Nov 19, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

Not quite a 10 but sure close to it!!!! I can't tell you how long I've waited for a game like this. This game is simply AWESOME. I can only tell you that this is a game that needs to be played. After playing just a bit, I knew that I was going to play something special. Rent it Keep it, and enjoy. I know I did.

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PS3 gets shafted AGAIN

posted by psyCh0i (Storrs Mansfield, CT) Nov 19, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

Ever since the first Splinter cell Ubisoft has treated Sony customers as 2nd class citizens, and this game is no exception.
Problem: Very buggy! My PS3 hang at various points, and that's just the beginning. About 1/3 in the game a pretty serious bug kicks in and turn AC into a unplayable slide show. I am talking about 1-2 frames/sec here, no joke. NO it is not the PS3 firmware it's the game itself. There's a bad program loop escaped QC's detection (they should be all fired!), among several other quirks. This game shouldn't be out for another 3 months at least. But NO Ubisoft think we PS3 owners are idiots and can't tell a good game from a bad one...... and since they pulled that off with Splinter cell, Rainbox 6 and GRAW2 (all 2nd rate 360 ports!) so why not one more~! It's a shame as AC has potential to be a great game, but they blew it.
I suggest fellow PS3 owners be united and boycott Ubisoft until they put their acts together, never give in by buying their cheap ports! I recommend anyone who's interest in this game just rent it, and save your money on other real PS3 gems, like Uncharted, R&C:TotF, CoD4!

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