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posted by GAMEMASTER101 (FAIRFIELD, CA) Dec 17, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

hated it its stupid the other assassins creed were much better

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Assassins creed rental

posted by lordcraven (CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI) Jul 21, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

it took about a week for my game to arive and then when i received it and put in to play the game did not work i kept getting a warning saying game data corrupted so i sent it back also with my other game choice.

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turable, just turable (<3 barkley)

posted by turkeyshoot (AURORA, IL) Jun 5, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

you play as a top notch assassin named altair in the ending of the 12th century. the graphics are wonderfly done the cities are buzzing with people inclding guards, thiefs, beggers, and villagers and the praise ends!

the guards are pretty dumb because you can kill people in planeview and they do nothing.

the thiefs dont steal so thiers no crimes going on to make it seem like and actual city.

the beggers only bother you they're on every corner saying the same stupid things and they actualy interfere with missions quite easly (blocking you while youre trying to kill or throwing rocks at while your climbing)


there is about 6 diffrent types of missions so it becomes semi-repeditive and most of them are simple pickpocket, rough someone up, evasedrop, or collect flags.

the side assassinations become 2 part missions pick it up kill all the guards in the are fail pick it up again and then stalk ur prey till they go behind a building and even then guards will come running around multiple corners and still find you.

finnaly the main assassinations are poorly done it becomes less about being stealthy and more about being a hardass in that only a few you actualy sneek up on and kill him cleanly most of the time you sneak up and as you're about to kill the city leader he grabs your arm pushes you to the ground and calls the guards and it becomes a giant brawl that can be easly handled with the week combat system.

combat is a little too dumbed down for an action game and the climbing is to simple for a platformer so it ends up in this wierd limbo of
combat boils down to 3 attacks grab (circle) guard break (ex+square) and counter attack (R1+square) and the reaction time of altair to the pressing of the buttons was slow so you took hits but dosent matter since you have more then enough HP to deal with it even when its 10+ v 1
BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THE FREEZING UP OF THE GAME... 2k letters is not enough to finish the bad

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