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GF Rating

Very Good

Good addition to Assassin's Creed series

posted by drock1 (CHARLESTON, SC) Apr 6, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

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All the highlights from the old ones with some new additions. Challenges were challenging but not impossible.

I have my usual bone to pick with Ezio's sudden inability to make a free-run/climb action that he more than achieves at other times, a half foot step becoming a ledge, etc. But most of all, they force a scroll of the entire credits to replay the game free-roam. Something I unfortunately discovered after quitting and trying to restart after a good 4 minutes of them.

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GF Rating

Very Good

More of the same.

posted by DarthTaint (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Mar 25, 2013

Member since Dec 2007

I have been following AC (Assassin's Creed) since the very first title back in late '07. I must say that it has not disappointed me at all, but this particular title has left me with mixed feelings. Aside from the Altair missions, the whole bomb crafting distraction, and Ezio obviously being much older, not much has changed from our last adventure. Of course, the story is immersive and intelligent, with a depth that I have not seen other titles strive for. The world is huge and of course the city is insanely detailed, as we have come to expect as much. Okay, so now that I have stated the obvious, I would like to use my remaining characters for this review to explain why this title falls pretty short.
Let's start with the bomb creation. While it was impressive by itself, this fell very short of what it could have been. While it was impressive in theory, there really was no purpose for it. Where there were certain missions that made mention of bomb usage, you could completely ignore it using another tactic.
Moving on, the arsenal of weaponry hasn't changed much at all. The hook blade was awesome, thoughI saw just about all the weapons from Brotherhood, with minimal new additions, from what I could tell.
The Altair side missions seemed forced and rather out of place, with the original voice actor being absent. While that isn't a big deal, I have yet to determine the real reason for this.
Combat was something left to be desired. The kill animations seemed to last too long, giving another enemy time to attack. I didn't appreciate that.
Everything that was from AC: Brotherhood can be found in Revelations, with some minor additions to gameplay that don't really stand out.
All in all, this game is still a must-have for fans who have been following the series, as the story is one of the main driving forces.
There isn't anything that this game does/has that makes it bad, but they should have titled it "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2" so fans will know what to expect

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GF Rating


Assassin's Creed for Geriatrics

posted by 3rd_St_Saint (PORTLAND, OR) Mar 22, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

Don't let this review fool you - many of the staples from the previous titles return, as well as subtle saboteurs that try to assassinate you the same way you've done all these years... My gripes are few, but pervasive.

First off, the year is 1510. About... Eight years after Brotherhood? Ezio went from looking 34 to now 67. Desmond as well, who now has grooves in his otherwise fresh face. Altair also returns, but his face has been reconfigured as well, making him look like a young Steve Buscemi. Ouch.

The 'Top' button has been re-configured into your secondary weapon (which, I never quite got used to). Multiplayer costs money for the code (unlike Brotherhood) and Ezio got rid of his cape and instead, replaced it with the fur from his Brutus outfit. The 'Assassin's White' looks pasty at best, and even the storyline was brief, shallow and nowhere near as expansive as either II or Brotherhood.

In fact, Desmond's story is far more interesting than what happens to Ezio this time around, as it greatly moves the plot along, but aside for an alliance that Ezio makes, it's easily forgettable in that it's not personal like it was with the Borgias.

Play it to get caught up (as I did) and don't even bother with the side quests. I'm sure ACIII will wash the taste of this joke out of my mouth.

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