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GF Rating


Game is amazing worth the anxious wait

posted by garyfuentes88 (GREELEY, CO) Nov 22, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

When i first got the game i wanted to see if the games story mode could beat previous ac ones, thats the main reason these ac games have me coming back for more is because the orignalitly that comes with ac storyline, the gameplay is addicting and defending the dens is a piece of cake, i feel a little satisfication with the story of altiar and ezio over, the game just left me wanting more, im excited for ac3 to come out, the story lines of games is what games used to be not just about multi player im glad ac stuck with the story mood and continued its amazing graphics and gameplay which is unique, good job ubisoft on creating a amazing game continue the good work ill keep coming back for more.

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GF Rating


Not the best i've played (spoiler alert)

posted by natalie (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Nov 22, 2011

Member since Oct 2007

fist of all the game is ok but the game these beeing the 3rd part should have focused in Desmond more more scenes of the reality and how it all ties down to altair the first assasin instead you'll spend most of the game doing alot of pointless tasks for people like geting flowers for a girl which you must do to continue the stoy and then at the end these scnese of whoe it all fits and just when the good guys have the apple in the precent the game end it feel like these scene shoul have been longe and more detailed intead of wasting all that space and memory for the game on those poitless missions should have a longer ending....

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GF Rating

Very Good

Not as good as brotherhood..

posted by mental_orbit (CINCINNATI, OH) Nov 22, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I give this game a 8. Everything they kept from brotherhood was great but there really wasn't much new stuff besides bombs, the hookblade, and the occasional zipline. Everything was accessible shortly after getting to main map. Lack of puzzles and the ever annoying collect 100 fragments thing which could be anywhere. (10 throughout the story is reasonable for a main piece of character development) I didn't feel the den defense was that bad rather easy after the 3rd one. Bombs were mostly useless especially the tripwires. The smoke bomb which wasn't anything new. Stickies were hard to get but probably the most fun. Nothing to great about the weapons unless you do the unlocks. No special armors to get that i saw besides unlocks. The gameplay felt the same throughout its entirety. No new "assassin specialty moves" (like arrow storm which was as high as it went far as i found even though you get like 12 assassins) bummed me out. I did like the den defense 3rd was very challenging.

LOTS of bugs had to redo some missions cause of them sometimes. Few collision detection bugs mostly enemy a.i. bugs where they didn't drop agro. All in all game play was semi stale graphics are gorgeous story line was decent but not very in depth like its predecessors. No "whoa's" in the storyline.

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