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GF Rating


Good game terrible controls

posted by Jeffsreviews79 (YAKIMA, WA) Mar 9, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

This is a fun game but they have made 7 or so assassins creeds now and they all have terrible controls. That's its major downfall gets very frustrating when running or jumping and they are all like this.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Pretty fun for a short time

posted by K1NG0D (PLEASANT GROVE, UT) Mar 5, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

I really liked the story of it, and the ship combat was fun for a time.
But as every other Assassin's creed game The fun of killing guards from rooftops and haystacks fades away, And all the stuff you have to do to get 100% synchronization in the game just feels repetitive and boring. I am glad however that they got rid of the online passes from past Assassin's creed games, That made it better especially getting the game from gamefly Overall a good game for a short time so i recommend renting but not buying.

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Same ole AC, but more boring

posted by Friedmak33 (SPRINGFIELD, VA) Mar 5, 2014

Member since Jun 2011

Having only played AC1, I was excited to get back to this franchise and see where they have gone with it. Wow was I disappointed. Sure, there's a ton of new things to do but none of it is fun. I thought the treasure maps were a good idea and one of the first things I tried, but then found that the map was blocked off because I wasn't far enough into the game to even find the treasure. I thought this was open world? Boating is slow and boring and I had no desire to fight on the seas. On land I was constantly inadvertently climbing walls/rocks I didn't intend to. This makes it extremely difficult when trying to chase someone. The AI of the enemy is horrific. Where are the improvements from AC1? They all walk in some inane pattern (or just stand there) which as a gamer made me feel insulted. This made the stealth aspect of the game extremely boring for me. I felt like all I was doing was waiting for the stupid AI to finish their pre-programed route before I could attack. To add to their stupidity, when they see you and then you run into a hiding spot, they just brush it off once you've hidden for a few seconds. "Yeah, I didn't just see someone run into that haystack." To add to the boredom, if you do happen to screw up and get detected or killed in one of the stealth missions, they place you so far back that you have to go through this monotonous chore again.

I was really excited to play through this game and after the first city I was pretty gung-ho on completing it, but then it just got really boring and repetitive and I had to give up.

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