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Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

posted by superdifficult (LESLIE, MI) Mar 3, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

While an entertaining game, the story lacks any motivation, and the game play is repetitive (as is the case with Assassins creed.), however, they give you enough different things you can do, so there are many game play hours available.

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This franchise irritates me more than any other.

posted by krayfish (SPRING HILL, FL) Feb 22, 2014

Member since Dec 2007

It seems like AC in general is chock full of really great ideas and concepts. In many ways it is ahead of other franchises for creativity and imagination but never seems to get any of them right. There is NO difficulty setting which forces you to never upgrade a thing to ever hope to have anything resembling a challenge. So you have to miss out on the experience of crafting and buying completely and even then the game offers no real challenges.

The fighting is so easy you can literally close your eyes once an enemy turns red over their head indicating they are going to attack u. Simply hold O followed by square..boring. There should be difficulty settings for those of us who have all five fingers and two working eyes. I should be able to turn off seeing enemies on my display screen so I can immerse in the experience instead of relying on my display. Especially since you have to fight 50 guys at once to have any challenge what so ever.

The game encourages use of stealth at times but gives you no crouch button...EPIC fails. So many great ideas and concepts just wasted. Every new AC is just more of the same ol' same ol. Are they even trying? Seriously? Do they not play these games themselves before releasing them? They don't even try to change the scenery or environment, its getting ridiculously old. You know the AC series is still a decent franchise but at some point you should be able to tell you are playing the latest AC and not the first AC all over again. I would fire the entire staff like they did at Irrational games.

Red Barrels Games is going to be the next big thing because they are creative and dare to push the envelope with games like Outlast. Time for a personnel change and some fresh blood to save this franchise from its rapid descent into gaming boredom. Come on.

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Very Good

Almost perfect....

posted by Adamj253 (LAKEWOOD, WA) Feb 12, 2014

Member since Oct 2011

This is almost a perfect game. Almost . The little things are extremely annoying though. Like in the middle of combat hitting the attack button sometimes will just make your character flail his swords up and down instead of attacking. Or when your in the middle of ship combat and being blinded by cannon smoke for an extremely long time even under strong winds. But they did do alot of things right. The graphics for one on the PS4 are gorgeous. All in all worth playing through at least once.

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