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posted by jaguar7676 (TITUSVILLE, FL) Apr 10, 2014

Member since Nov 2004

The world of Black Flag is nothing short of remarkable. This is the most expansive setting in the history of the franchise, a virtual rendition of the West Indies that encompasses all manner of burgeoning colonies, Mayan ruins, and deadly jungles. Cities like Havana and Nassau reflect the series' trademark attention to detail, from the stonework cathedrals of the former to the ramshackle taverns of the latter. Then there are the remote islands inhabited by nothing more than crabs and sea turtles, underwater shipwrecks waiting to be explored, and vast stretches of sparkling Caribbean waters that are every bit as deadly as they are gorgeous.
Black Flag looks especially impressive on the PlayStation 4, where improved lighting and a greater resolution bathe the world in a terrific level of visual fidelity and artistic flourishes. You're better able to notice the little things, like the way foliage gives way to Kenway while he sneaks through the bushes, or the realistic flutter of fabric on your sails when a strong wind sweeps across the sea. The current-generation versions of Black Flag still look terrific, but all those little details in the PlayStation 4 version draw you into the world that much more.
Black Flag presents a world full of adventure and opportunity, where treasures scavenged in a remote jungle can be used to turn the tide in a massive naval battle against mighty Spanish warships. It's a game where you can sail the seas for hours at a time, either hunting great white sharks or simply listening to your crew sing one infectious sea shanty after the next. There's an incredible scope to what you can do in Black Flag, with a level of harmony between its component parts that encourages you to try it all, and a story that keeps you invested throughout the whole thing.

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best game i played so far as i owned PS4 1 month!

posted by doublejj84 (TAMPA, FL) Mar 30, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

This is by far the best game I have played so far since owning the PS4 this month and I have only beat COD GHST and this game is beautifully made and very expansive.

PROS: replay value + plenty to do and discover/massive gameplay
Naval battles are beautifully done/harpooning and underwater is cool.
A sense of achievement in knowing that all your doing will lead to great reward.
Overall great experience in open world gaming/blueprint for other developers to take notice of what to approach a game like.

CONS: Harpooning and underwater navigation controls could have been done a little better/more smoother control of Kenway underwater.

Without upgrading your charter or upgrading Kenway you will not have success in taking navel convoys or fleets or navel castles. Use your in game currency wisely so you can have a strong vessel.

That's pretty much it, im about 50% done with the main missions but not even a quarter way done with the side missions and overall 100% sync as there is so much to do. Thinking about keeping it but not sure as I get overwhelmed with trying to complete everything I grow tired fast. Thanks for reading.

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Same old Song and Dance + Boats....

posted by BlackburnD81 (TIPP CITY, OH) Mar 29, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Visually this game is amazing. Unfortunately looks can be deceiving. It is literally the exact same as all of the past Assassins Creed titles, which ran it's course after about the second game. Still has the same issues as all the old games as well. Got bred pretty quickly, and annoyed even faster... How after all these years can you not fix the free run system? Just a little bit of tweaking could maybe fix my character jumping to the ledge I desire, and jumping slightly to the side and falling to his death for no reason. The combat is the still the same boring formula, and the side mission are the same repetitive lameness. I was hoping for an overhaul, but certainly didn't get it. I guess this is the end for me as an assassin.

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