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posted by Schwacko (HAMBURG, PA) Apr 22, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I've only played the first game in this series, and after a few days I grew tired with the game. I decided to rent this game, because I started to recently watch the Black Sails show on Starz and it looked like it had a similar story. I had heard really good things about the level of exploration and sense of freedom in the game, and I felt like I wasn't forced in one particular area because all I had to do was fast travel to the open sea and sail around while my crew sang their shanties, or discovered uncharted islands ripe for the picking. I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys the freedom to roam around, and to those that like to collect things.

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Awesome + Fun

posted by GhettoEx (EL PASO, TX) Apr 15, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Had aGReat Time PLaying this, Graphics Are Awesome, and al the new things u can do in AC4 are jsut awesome and makes the games feel really fun and cool..

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One of the top AC games thus far!

posted by Ravynheart (LOUISVILLE, KY) Apr 15, 2014

Member since Oct 2006

This game, while not truly next-gen, is very much worth the time and effort one can put into it.

The story is, interesting. Maybe a bit off, at times, but still interesting enough to pull you in and not let go.

For those, like myself, who really enjoy getting into side missions...this, is paradise! You could spend weeks in this game, working on upgrades and side-missions, never touching the main story, and STILL not run out of stuff to do. There are forts to take over, treasures to find, sunken ships to secure, assassinations to complete, Templars to hunt, fragments to be found, keys to be obtained, stones to be checked, creatures to be harpooned...and, of course, ships to destroy!

EVERYONE, who knows ANYTHING, about AC4, knows this is about being a pirate. Plundering! Pillaging! Sinking enemy ships!

You will spend most of your time on the Jackdaw, your ship. At first, it takes a little getting used to sailing. But once you get a feel for steering and speed, it becomes second nature pretty quick. As the game progresses you will find harsher weather and sea conditions to fight against, while battling ships at the same time, but by then it should be no trouble.

On land, Kenway moves just like his grandson Connor, from AC3, easily moving through trees and brush, up the sides of buildings, or along the rigging of ships.

Graphically, this is not a next-gen game, but it is still very pretty. From swimming underwater, to moving through brush, to climbing trees, you will be surrounded by tropical beauty the entire time, no matter how many times you play through, and this game does have good replay value.

All in all, I have to recommend AC4 as a buy. I bought it, and have never regretted it!

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