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Brilliant game!

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 1, 2013

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The game mechanics adaptive-Climbing around fit the pirate scheme nicely, but multiplayer still doesn't make any sense... Still being its uncoordinated guessing game. Being why I gave it a nine, the multiplayer is sense-less... A co-op mode would be a lot funner.

Ubisoft puts you in the shoes of Edward Kenway...

Edward Kenway is a big dreamer... Setting his sights on a life style that has gold pouring out of his pockets and with all the fame in the world. The privateer Kenway, however, was at the bottom of the barrel in life, but luck finds its way to him... May it been being at the right place, at the right time... Edward now was given a chance to take what he wanted in life and be a captain of a ship that pirates the Caribbean.

The game is awesome. The story is ok, but in numerous instances it has a shifty climax giving a often "Whats going on in the story" feeling, but it has well written dialouge. It starts off slow. Ubisoft seemed to find a hurdle: explaining game functionality, but keeping to a story script. You wont fully see what the game has to offer until the first two islands... But even after that, you still haven't seen how to upgrade your boat and coordinate the fleet.

There is A LOT to do in the game. The stealth mechanics and side missions are flawless in giving that non-stop cinematic experience. I just don't understand how a game that has so much functionality in single player--would give the multiplayer a guessing game scenario: Everyone looks like the AI and you have to kill the right one. Why not a cat and mouse game, where someone is a king ordering guards to location while the assassins try to sneak in and take out the player who is the king?? Why does multiplayer has to be so senseless.

The map is huge... The graphics have its pristine moments where you can just see the grit and roughness of the wood or stone columns.

The game is no doubt the Best Assassins Creed... You will wanna keep it.

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posted by Robert513 (CINCINNATI, OH) Oct 31, 2013

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truly the best in the series...a lot more to do outside the main story....extremely entertaining

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posted by Mike3083 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Nov 2, 2013

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I got to say assassin creed 4 has way more stuff to do after you beaten it then gta v ever had ubisoft did an great job all the way until you get to mutiplayer whice to me is boring hated it just wish they leave it out along with codes, I barely got to enjoy single player cause of an freaking code that gives u extra stuff to do if you buy the game wow renters want to enjoy single player fully too but still fun without codes best assassin creed ever made graphics are good too can't wait to play it on ps4.=)

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