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Above Average

Combat Makes or Breaks All

posted by Koolaidman421 (HEMET, CA) Feb 20, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

I gave this game a six/ten. All six are solely from the scenery, smoothness, the size of the world, the sailing, everything the game has to offer, except the combat. The combat is so terrible in this game, that it lost out on four points from me.

The combat begins as an enjoyable experience. You attack and the enemy usually parries your attacks and sometimes becomes hit, but it quickly becomes unfulfilling, ridiculously easy, and boring. There are a few combat options: Attack, throw off balance, and counter. You can simply attack any unaware enemies and kill them in an instant, or if they see you coming and parry, wait for them to counter, but you realize how easy the combat is upon using this counter. Hit "O" (or whatever symbol it is for you) followed by the attack, and your character immediately kills the enemy. This is where the flaw comes in. I never feel like there's a true need to run away and hide. I understand that this is a large part of the gameplay, and I would thoroughly enjoy that if I actually felt a need to run.

I pick pocket a quest based person and a large number of guards quickly come in. You have smoke bombs to help get away, but honestly, why? Let the guards come in and they will dumbly one by one attack you followed by the obvious counter symbol above their heads. Counter and kill, counter and kill. That is the extent of the combat in this current/next gen action adventure game. When there is a larger enemy you can not counter, there is another option: Throw them off balance, but this becomes your counter. Throw off balance and kill, throw off balance and kill. It's simple and boring.

The fact that the weapons have a damage value feels absolutely pointless, as you can simply kill enemies in an instant with your beginning weapons by countering and/or throwing off balance.

What has so much potential to be a great game, falters under the weight of its terrible combat system.


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GF Rating

Above Average

Black Flag (on a downhill slope)

posted by MacShammo (SEATTLE, WA) Jan 17, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Assasins creed one had a good thing going for it. The game mechanics and storyline were exceptionL for its time which was not too long ago....but with all good things, they die hard. Black Flag's mechanics are so simple a child could play it all you do is hold R1 (ps3) and square to attack with the every now and then press O or X... it is extremely simple. The open world graphics are phenomenal but the world map itself is far too big with not very much actual playable space to explore... it is almost as if you have a set path for you too follow with the illusion of choice.....The online mode was not to great either where one either spends the match hiding or finding the hidden (which is very simple too) There are parts in the story where you wake up from the ANIMUS in your office at Abstergo, only to find that the only way to communicate with anyone is through an iPad...ridiculous.....The graphics are insane, but the game play is slow are horrendous. AND GLITCHY ( so many frustrating moments of trying to climp a simple tree in this game) The "real life" aspect with the iPad angers me... I play video games to get away from real life not to dive deeper into it....everyday I see people with their faces buried in there tablets or iPads...and then I get it in the game???

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GF Rating


Okay they could have done better

posted by Jesse5321 (PARAMOUNT, CA) Dec 25, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

I don't like how long it takes to get to each mission personally I did not like the ship missions on assassins creed 3 and just to find out that assassins creed 4 was a pirate I was like oh god that means lots of ship missions I hate the fact that it is almost always mandatory to sail some where other then that I love the way Edward fights the new ways to kill and hide but I still think ubisoft is holding out on us I give this game a 7 out of 10

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