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Not too sure about this time period

posted by DCSTYLE (TEMPLE HILLS, MD) Dec 3, 2012

Member since Oct 2007

Maybe there was just something about Ezio's time period but it was way more fun to run around then than it is with this American period. I miss the tombs and the puzzles. To me those were very large parts of the Assassins Creed game playing style. This entry just left me wanting for the "good ole days".

This game was worth playing if you have played the rest but I feel like the ending should have been a choice for the user rather than Desmond making the decision himself. Also did not like how your assassins crew did not don the hooded assassins gear.

There were a lot of small things that irked me but I just hope they do an entire re-vamp for this series. Take a year off and get it right for the loyal fans.

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GF Rating


Not Bad but....

posted by 2old2ply (O FALLON, IL) Nov 27, 2012

Member since Apr 2006

Not a bad game. It does give you the feeling of "I've done this already". I still like the AC series but I think I will skip finishing this version and wait for the next one to renew the feeling of enjoyment again.

I have to admit I did get quite bored with this one and sent it back. It's not a knock on the game, the game is still great for newbies to the series.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good But Lacking

posted by AccordingToMe (HAWTHORNE, CA) Nov 25, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

If you are not familiar with the AC series then you may be completely lost on this game. The beginning provides a good twist but once you become an assassin that's were you may become a little disappointed because the word and honor of being an assassin has lost much of its meaning. You are still able to recruit assassins and they are not just a bunch of randoms anymore they are real characters in the game but the whole process of getting them can be a stupid hassel at times.

Combat: The combat has been improved but some enimies can be over powered because you cannot counter them or directly hit them; you have to break their defense which i relized later. Stealth isn't a factor in this game at all which is dissapointing but i have to admit Connor is a Bad A . Tip: E is marked on the map for general store which is the only place where you can buy weapons it took a while for me to relize so and i lost my tomhawk early in the game some how and I was fighting with my hidden blade (very difficult).

Story: Story is overall good but i feel like it could have been more and had little affect on the revoulution and a lot of cut scenes. Doing any extra objects like improving your home aka homestead isn't worth the time because you can survive without the extra things it gives you. The new sea battle edition is really good and after you complete the main storline it is fun to complete those but that doesn't take long either. Also the real time story with Desmond Miles is more involved than past AC's. The combat with Desmond is like in the animus but with no indictators which can fustrating. Also Desmond is only out to get these power sources which i didnt relize they meant anything until the end of the game. Also you talk with the ancients; the creators of the human race and the apple's of eden who are more involved. The story will be extremly confusing if you havent played passed AC's and it still can be confusing if you have.
gets an 8 Graphics, combat, sea, free runn

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