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Really Bad

a little disappointed

posted by aerie822 (MILFORD, PA) Jan 8, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

it seemed long and drawn out for me. i couldnt even finish it, it just bored me. and thats very surprising because i love AC.

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GF Rating


Another good story plot to unfold, But not for me.

posted by m0v3mental (OGLALA, SD) Jan 2, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

I played all of the last Assassins creed series, I like all of them. (Sigh...) I sent the game back, I was about 30% threw the game according to the menu. The bugs, and glitches really got to me. Its maybe a little thing, and some don't mind it at all. For me it was really annoying trying to walk a stair case, and my character having the need to jump on every rail in sight. Like it said these are minor, but It really got on my nerves when I was trying to complete tasks, like staying undetected. overall if you liked the last games, give this one a shot.

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posted by BryMc418 (SEFFNER, FL) Dec 31, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I fell in love with the first AC because it was different ACII because of the brilliant story and Brotherhood because it was so much fun to play but then Revelations came out with the stupid defend your hideout and the lackluster ending and I feared the series was going down hill. So when I heard they were doing the Revolution I was like that sounds fun but oh how I was wrong. The great thing about the previous games is that I spent hours playing them collecting all the bonuses, fixing all of the shops, repairing all of the landmarks, and beating all of the assassin missions. With ACIII though I couldn't wait for it to be all over because this game is so laborious that it sucks all of the fun out of it. Ever mission basically means a load screen then a cut scene then another load screen then you kill one person then there is another cut scene then another load screen. If the endless cut scenes are not bad enough then the tedious missions like the get up walk over and talk to someone then go to bed then get up and talk to someone then go to bed then get up and pickpocket something then go back to bed will drive you insane.
Then there is the gameplay which is just awful. I spent half my time running up a wall for no reason, not jumping when I wanted to jump, standing over a guy I just knocked down swinging my sword around instead of stabbing him, and trying to figure out what happened to my weapon which is no longer equipped for some reason.
Like I said I have never been happier to get to the end of a game then I was with this one but then that ending really sucked.


I would rather get to fight and kill the bad guy I've been after the whole game then watch it happen in another cut scene... Stupidity!!!
I'm really glad I have Gamefly so I didn't waste my money buying this.

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