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Very Good

good game runner up for game of the year

posted by gangstaj75 (CHICAGO, IL) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

ok this assassins creed was good but it was too long for its own good the graphics enviroments are great gameplay great its a good change to see me play as a native american for once but i felt like i played all of that for nothing real talk the ending was so bogish to the point where dam i did all dis stuff jus to get to a meaningless point but it was fun fighting along the side of the president george washington the game is great it took me about a month to beat it n eertime i played it was 6 or more hrs it does contridict our history tho but it all good game not better then tomb raider but never the less a runner up for game of the year

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GF Rating


Wow...what a dud

posted by tj1371 (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) Mar 8, 2013

Member since Jul 2009

Am I ever disappointed. AC !!! is a very poor imitation of the first 3 Assassins Creed games. Those were great! Fun, exciting. AC 111 is boring. No real action. Very confusing about what the goal was. Running around Boston trying to find what? Can't really inter-act with any characters like in the first 3 games. Not much to buy. Too many cut scenes. No chests to find except 3 treasure chests that suddenly appear. Anyway, when I got to the part where I turned into an Indian boy and played hide and seek, I really got turned off. Then the big exciting search for feathers drove me to drink. Then when you had to go out an hunt rabbits etc with your bow and arrow, I just gave up and sent it back. What were they thinking? This game is nothing like the others. Don't waste your time.

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GF Rating


A let down

posted by dancingeagle (CARL JUNCTION, MO) Mar 8, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

I expected much more out of this part of the series. It is much slower in game play than all the others before it . It just seems to drag on without any action or plot line . The character development in this series so far is really poor. OK so I am only 1/2 or 3/4 of the way thru the game but I don't have that same urge to keep playing like in the previous games. Graphics are as good as the others however the game control is different and a bit confusing to figure out in the biginning . Also some of the goals or missions are unclear as to just what it is you are suppose to be doing and a few seem to be unrelated to the total game. The addition of the games in the taverns are intresting though and pretty challenging. I think they should have left the control of the charactor and wepons as well as health etc the same as the older games and not messed with them. Plot development could use a lot of imorovement as you just seem to be doing aimless stuff and not accomplishing anything and you don't even know what side you are fighting for . So far I have to give the game a 5 . I will give a more in depth review when the game is finished .

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