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I did not like two things in this game.

posted by Bushido1342 (BRISTOL, PA) Mar 25, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

The way to level your assassins was not very clear, and when they did level, they did not get any stat boosts that you could choose to apply, etc. You got your assassins as you liberated areas throughout the story, which was also unclear.
Armor. You have none in this game. I was looking forward to upgrading and buying new armor. It's a shame, because in this game, you could have had the option to craft armor via the smithy.

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rent a movie

posted by jscarbs (HOUSTON, TX) Mar 25, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

this thing stops for movie content every 2 min i played for over 2 hours and felt like i hadn't done anything - this is ridiculously boring and what feels like a waste of time

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GF Rating

Very Good

Story review

posted by bluejew (BEVERLY HILLS, CA) Mar 24, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

if you're renting this on gamefly then you're only getting it to continue the story of Desmond as he travels though his ancestors' pasts. That being said, this is a great game. Placing the next leg of the journey in the American Revolution is awesome. You get to walk through the cities of Boston and New York as you track down the Templars. I think the cities could have been adjusted a little to either be smaller or make the "fast travel" system more user friendly. All you really need is a horse though and you move pretty quickly.
The advertisements talked about him walking with our Founding Fathers, but he only really talks to Washington, and you see Ben Franklin for a short bit, but thats it. They added a few twists when it comes to Connors family which makes for a more complex character. Everyone who talks about Connor says he is a wimp, and whines all the time, I disagree. I think he is young and confused about the path he is taking. Its also hard to write a character that can live up to the fun and carisma of Altair and Ezio Auditore from the previous games. He wants a safe place for him and his people to live, and chooses the side of the Assassins to make it happen. It is a lot of fun and worth the rent if you enjoyed the other games.
I hope that in Assassin's Creed 4 they have a longer story and less side missions b/c there are a ton in this one! and they are time consuming...

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