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Above Average

my least favorite so far.

posted by foundthefloor (CHICAGO, IL) May 2, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

take this with a grain of salt because my affair with AC has been rocky.

the first game i thought was innovative if flawed - never finished but enjoyed the time i played.

2nd - love it to death and played it for 2 months (it was a GF rental and to date I've never kept a game longer [member for over 3 years])

this one...i'm sure i'm not even that much into it but...i'm bored...i don't care any more...the story had me and then i switched to a new character and running through the trees sounded fun but....i realized that it's difficult to see a hand hold on a tree and sometimes i just leap off into nothing....broke the free running and the whole feeling of acrobatic freedom...i've let it sit a few days now and i'll probably just send it back....i can't give a full review i just wanted it known...if you're not a die hard fan...maybe move it further down your queue.

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GF Rating


Not What You Hoped

posted by 3rd_St_Saint (PORTLAND, OR) Apr 29, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

After the disappointment of 'AC: Revelations', I couldn't wait to tear into AC3. Set before and during the Revolutionary War, you play this game as one of two characters and many key features change in this game.

Free-Running no longer requires you hold the A button. That's something you can beat the game and still never quite get used to, accidentally jumping off rooftops and startling targets (and subsequently desynchronizing). 'Y' is now assigned to a secondary weapon, whereas 'B' is used to talk. You'll waste a lot of smoke bombs until you have that figured out.

Guns make their first appearance, requiring a lengthy reload time. Although realistic, it comes across as annoying (Maybe a 'Gears of War' interactive reload might've been better?) Also, there are a great many rocks on the Frontier which make horse navigation infuriating.

Another thing is, you are nearly Invincible. You're more likely to die in 'Superman Returns'. That, and there's a unnecessary crafting feature for making special guns, but that's all it's useful for.

As for the Story, the main character doesn't interact in the War very much at all. He plays a part here or there, but it leaves you wanting more. The main antagonist of the game brings much life to the detached War, and Ratonhkhaké:ton feels like an outsider in most of his interactions (though not in an unrealistic way). The Multiplayer is even more discouraging, as you have to unlock a Uplay passport to avoid being butchered. Not worth it.

The Strengths of this game come from the time outside the Animus, the Enemy's numbers and pursuit, Fanorona, climbing through tress, the alternate color schemes and the Naval Battles. Ratonhkhaké:ton's voice comes out in full-force and pirates move up and down the ships at various commands. It will be your favorite part of the game.

So, in a sentence: Play this to get caught up. It's not the Ezio trilogy, but it's got its high points.

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GF Rating


this better than any assassins creed game ever

posted by abyss1 (CLEWISTON, FL) Apr 25, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

this games control mechanics are much better than any ac game i have played so this is why i give this game a 10 and the fighting is o so much smoother easier to control than in ac1 ac2 and the brotherhood so this is my personal opinion of this and trust me i would play this game over and over if possible thats why i've rented it so many times just to pass it again

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