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GF Rating


Great Game

posted by kevcon14 (WILLIAMSBURG, VA) Nov 15, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

1 out of 4 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

This game was amazing. Sure it starts out slow, but the game itself is great, there is a twist of the revolutionary era, and our current time period. Playing as Connor, Desmond, and Haytham is really fun. Even though Haytham is bad he is still pretty awesome.

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GF Rating

Above Average

It's common for games to be filled with bugs now..

posted by Remy21 (WARWICK, RI) Nov 13, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

1 out of 4 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

Not a bad game, but not great either. It's your typical AC, great story, a bit repetitive, and terrible controls/control response. (We've all accidently ran up a wall/house once or 50 times..) The bugs are what really does it. AC3 is second only to Skyrim when it comes to bugs. I had to restart over 10 times, gets frustrating. Couldve been good, maybe great.. in the end, the bad outweighed the good for me. Sent back halfway through.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Game Overlord Review

posted by GameOverLord (FORT COLLINS, CO) Nov 11, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

1 out of 4 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

Wow am I glad I didn't spend the $60!
The game concept in my opinion is the best in the AC series. Many games do the Middle Ages to death but this is absolutey awesome. Taking place during the American Revolutionary War is the best idea to date! So much history to be told and told in such a way that it makes you feel you are there. The concept of "hunting" and the "naval warfare" campaign is amazing with graphics that are expectedly awesome for the AC crew. Now the bad part:
This game that bordered on amazing conceptually and had an open environment that was amzing but it was completely destroyed by the absolutely terrible chase missions which featured not only the most un-intelligable CPU controlled assuptive actions, which would make the most chaste human curse like a sailor, as well as the "OH MY WORD GLITCHES" that are absolutely everywhere in the entire game.
I really can't remember a game that was so poorly finished since game systems have exceeded 32 bit! There will most likely be a ton of patches to fix what can only be identified as a "HOLY COW FIRE YOUR ENTIRE QA DEPARTMENT" meltdown of epic proportions. I didn't even bother with disk 2 it is so sloppy.

PROS: Classically awesome graphics and details,amazing revolutionary hunting, and naval warfare missions that can be played for hours by themselves, and a ton of realistic American History to be learned.
CONS: Holy Glitches Batman, TERRIBLE redesigned control format, and stupid AI assumptions, (ie; chasing a person through tight areas makes it unlikely that I am going to want to climb a wall and just hang there when i am being timed.....just saying) and did I mention the GLITCHES????
GameOverlord Says: Totally play this game. It has amazing potential and has a lot of bright spots. If you could care less about quality and your mom is going to buy it for you go for it. But if you have to use your own money this is totally a RENTAL not a BUY.
Game Overlord Out.

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