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Above Average

Makes me sad...

posted by ZachErnesti (LINCOLN, NE) Nov 19, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

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Before you read this review you should know I am a huge AC and have been since day one. But the series is straying away from its core. The game is about ASSASSINS after all is it not? Or at least its supposed to be, but I feel like anything but. I remember AC1 where I slowly made my way through a crowd, with my target flaunting his power to petty citizens; completely unaware of his impending doom, all the while a set of guards scanning for the mysterious assassin. Well that's all gone.

Now you're targets know you by name, by face, by motive. You're no longer a mysterious shadow, rewriting history in the name of your creed. You are just a dude with daddy issues and you're all butt-hurt about your mom dieing (reaaal original). The only plot twist comes at the end of the over drawn out prologue and the rest you see coming a mile away.

The flow is completely gone. You will often find yourself standing at the edge of a roof, looking around for ANYWHERE to jump so you can progress to you're destination, but will more than likely drop down and take the sidewalk which must be embarrassing for an assassin. The combat is flashy and cool but looses its flair after seeing the same move over and over again. Now the combat literally goes into slow motion when you counter making it EVEN EASIER to kill a fort full of soldiers. You would think this game would incorporate SOME level of stealth but this is hardly so. The AI is so pathetic that it is nearly impossible to feel cool 'out smarting' them. They have the memory of a gold fish. They will stare deep into your eyes and be like "HEY YOU CANT... Wait what was I doing??" ...all because you step around a corner. Then you will try again and they will see you and do the same thing. Ubisoft should just make an Assassins Creed movie cause it's clear they wish they were doing that instead of making games cause the content is weak but they managed to come up with enough cut scenes to warant puting the game on 2 dis

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posted by BrAinSiCk (EUSTIS, FL) Feb 2, 2013

Member since Mar 2007

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The story line for this game continues to amaze me. Even the small sidequests have you either sitting at the edge of your seat or jumping up and down for joy. Also the naval combat is just awesome, nothing is more satisfying than watching tons of cannonballs smash into a ship you're fighting and watching it slowly sink to the depths.

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Fun, fun, fun

posted by gelsaesser (EL PASO, TX) Dec 4, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

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I love sandbox games and this one did not disappoint, great action, tons of things to do and see. I spent 40+ hours on the game and could have easily spent more time exploring.

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