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GF Rating


Great game !!!!!!

posted by boobiethegreat (PEABODY, MA) Nov 1, 2012

Member since May 2011

4 out of 11 gamers (36%) found this review helpful

Ok first to all the people saying that its not good and the same as the rest well if you did not like any of the other games what makes you think this is going to be any different. Me and a ton of other people love the game so don't give it a bad review just cuz you can't injoy it. To say it has a bad story is crazy if you have been following the game from the beginning to what the story led to now is great. I love the fighting in the game the kills in the game are the best part. Some times the controls can be a little off running on building sometime he will jump the total wrong way but for the most part there not bad at all. All said and done i think it's a great game and love where they went with it. if u could not tell from other reviews the graphics are great all the detail that goes into the city's and everything else is just great and if you don't like the game then you must have never liked any AC so leave the reviews to the AC fans. Any way I give the game a ten because I love it and always have and I hope they give us more to play after this.

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posted by cjmh08 (DALEVILLE, AL) Oct 31, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

7 out of 21 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

I look foward to ac every year because i enjoy the story but every game i am very dissapointed in the controls!! It is nearly impossible to control your character they tend to have a mind of there own. The A.I is terrible it seems as if brits keep respawning out of know where. In my mind dishonered blows assassins creed out of the water when it comes to stealth games!!!

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Asssassins Creed 3 : What could have been.

posted by TapxJames (AZUSA, CA) Nov 7, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

4 out of 12 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

For returning fans of the series, myself included this was what we have been waiting for since we first got up and out of Abstergo. The series has strung us along for over 4 games with promise of satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately not only does it fail to deliver on that conclusion, it forgets about most of the established story on the way there.

Assassin's Creed 3 is part of a disturbing trend of laziness and cashing in on franchises that has begun to plague this industry. The gameplay is buggy with unfinished or thoughtless game design with clunky controls and menu systems. The graphics shine in some areas, but you're only reminded of how rushed this title is when in other areas the characters lips stop moving, or their models look unfinished, terrible pathing and half hearted animations.

This I can say without a shadow of a doubt is the worst installation of the series. Rent it, beat it, rush it back to gamefly and try to forget this ever happened and you wasted your time.

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