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Very Good

Unexpected turn

posted by mrichards93 (TOOELE, UT) Nov 4, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

i purchased this game with a new ps3. i figured eh ill play it then trade it in. i had played all the other assasin creed games and despised them. once i began playing i eally enjoyed it. this game truely made me a fan, and i will be going back and replaying the others.

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America Always Wins

posted by hazefan08 (SLIDELL, LA) Nov 3, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Aug 2008

Let's face it. One of the main reasons this was such a huge hit is because it features history that every American knows. I'm not big on European history so I didnt enjoy the other games as much as this one. So other than the fact that America owns, here are the other reasons this game wins.

The graphics are so realistic. I love the realistic feeling to this game. It's one of those games that you feel like you are taking part in the American Revolution.

I do think that the combat could be improved, but that doesnt ruin the game for me what so ever.

This game is a home-run. This game gets a 9 because of the combat controls, but again that doesnt ruin this game. And again, America always win!

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/sigh, really?!

posted by das99 (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Nov 2, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

i have to open with that b/c i'm still saying WTH at the ending... Desmond's ending, not Connor's. like any other Assassin's Creed game out, this is an amazing addition. it's everything you'd expect, the combat system, the extra missions, the ability to call in "minions" (other assassins from your crew), i could arguably say this is the best in the series. i didn't want to wait to be able to get it from here, so i redbox'd it early am day of release. i was finished with THE MAIN STORY roughly 48hrs later and i returned it, so i didn't really get to do too much side mission or play around with the economy much. i'll save that for when i can afford to buy the game, which you can bet i will.

i could possibly say this assassin's story was my favorite of the 3. altair's was cool, ezio's was one of vengeance, but connor's... connor's felt the most personal. i was really emotionally impacted by this tale, which is one reason why i gave this a 9 instead of 10 b/c when you get to the endish of the story, you're cheated (not gonna say how), and that really ticked me off b/c i was ready and prime for... yeah, you'll just have to find out playing it yourself lol

the stuff i did experience, such as the slight trading tutorials and whatnot, the two or three naval missions, and some of the new gadgets were welcome additions. while this new economy system seems a bit more interactive and confusing to adapt to, it was nice to not just take an easy way out and buy something or let the game sit there as you collect every 20min. you can actually go out and hunt (also very cool) for items/animals. the ship missions are extremely fun and addicting, and IMO, more enjoyable and than revelation's den defense (which i didnt really care for). the adding assassin's to your crew was one thing i didnt quite grasp how to do, but as always, you can send them on missions to rank up and get some cash that way too. i have to add that i LOVE the way connor moves and fights. dual wielding owns!

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