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GF Rating

Very Good

Excellent game filled with flaws.

posted by Glen1110 (SPRING VALLEY, NY) Nov 5, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

When I got the game in November 1'st, I was so excited to play the game. The campaign was amazing. The graphics were beautiful. Fighting redcoats in Boston and N.Y.C was addicting. The only problem I have had was the excessive amount of glitches.

During my first 2 hours in the game, I have suffered numerous amount of glitches such as getting glitched in buildings, multiple framerate issues, and glitched deaths. Don't get me wrong, great game and all, but I've never seen this much glitches in a game since Grand theft auto IV.

The fighting mechanics were both a blessing and a curse. At first, you could be raiding a fort killing redcoats or patriots in dozens, but end up getting killed by a firing squad. Although the combat can be seriously overpowered, enemy forces can counter you (Which is both good and bad).

The numerous weapon choice were insane. Even if you get bored assassinating enemies with a tomahawk, you can use some really amazing weapons such as the classic hidden blade, rope darts and my favorite weapon, the good ol flintlock pistol.

I am not a major Assassins creed series fan, but I had almost no common knowledge of the campaign at all. At first, you basically start off playing Connors father doing some dirty work for Templars. And than you will end up being Desmond towering through the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Although, Connors side of the story is the best part of it all. But, it will take a certain amount of time to just get to that part of the campaign (about 5 hours at the most)

Assassins Creed III will be one of the games I could be playing for hours to come. But, the creators of the game could have done much better with the game. Without the numerous glitches, the game could get a easy 9.5. I think it would be worth buying if you can withstand the glitches.


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GF Rating


this game is awesome

posted by RKO365 (NEW HARTFORD, NY) Nov 5, 2012

Member since May 2012

the first 1 was awesome 2 was better brotherhood was even better than them both but.....revalations was awful
than 3 came out this is by far the best game in the sereis

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GF Rating

Very Good

Holding the Line

posted by charleypking (BURKE, VA) Nov 4, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

From a series that built its franchise on impeccable historical fiction comes the newest installment of action-adventure, and the writing is outstanding as per usual, but it takes FOREVER to get going. I also felt like I was watching way more video than I was playing a game. There are also gaps technically, like a long sequence in which the facial animation on one of the characters just stops completely. These things do not keep you down for long though. After you get past the infernal prologue, you fall into the main character and the game finally gains traction. You play as Connor, a young Native American man who is chosen to join the cause of the Assassins, a now almost defunct group in the colonies. He has in him the blood of a strong Native woman, and the very leader of the Templars. He must bring the legion up from the ashes and restore the Assassin’s Guild to its once former glory and protect the people that raised him.
Visually, the game is impressive as always. A new weather engine gives a more authentic look to the seasons of New England. Blinding rainstorms are harder to walk in, and deep snow will change the way you navigate terrain. Since the timeline advances forward often by large chunks of time, it gave creators an opportunity to show all of the advancements in the weather environment. All of the kinks in the freerunning have been ironed out, as moving around the map is almost flawless. No more of the pain associated with jumping off of a ledge in the opposite direction that you pointed the analog stick, falling to your death, and having to start the segment all over again. These improvements are noticeable, and make the game a joy to play.
Assassin’s Creed III is typical, execution of an incredibly intricate and wildly entertaining story. It took me too long to get into it, and I think that a lot of gamers will give up on this one before it gets going. If you can stick it out through the first 10% of the game, the remaining 90% will be a blast!

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