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While Impressive - a Missed Opportunity.

posted by ptrac (HICKSVILLE, NY) Nov 12, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

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I have played every AC game since its inception and loved everyone. The amount of historic detail and production value are among the best games out there. The depth and plethora of things to do are well worth the financial investment every time. AC3 is no different. the story is deep (Maybe too deep), the combat fun and the landscape, amazing.

Where AC3 fails is in its misuse of the setting and reinterpretation of American history as well as its incessant need to push a cinematic narrative on the player. One would think the American Revolution would be a cornucopia of historical fruit to draw upon. In the case of AC3 they fail here and they fail greatly. While great events like the Boston Tea Party and the great battles of the Revolution are delved into, they lack any deep fluidity and almost feel forced into the narrative. George WAshington is portrayed as a impotent war general and Ben Franklin a overrated slave-owner. Why have these legendary figures in the game if only to portray them as bit parts or to portray them inaccurately?

That said Connor maybe the best AC character yet and his existence saves this game from its lackluster spots. The combination of a half-British, half Native-American who fights on the side of Freedom and Liberty is a great storyline and is endearing and deep. And the progression of this concept is the strength of AC3 and makes the game worth your time if not anything else. Connors' embrace of the founding fathers is oddly believable.

Unfortunately after 5 games you would think AC's long plagued issues would be dealt with. But, they are all still here. Wonky camera issues plague combat, brutal frame rate issues are abound when you are in heavy populace or take to horseback, and the upgrading of weapons and items are absolutely pointless. I got through the entire game without having to upgrade a single weapon or spending a single dime on anything at all. Much like in the past, side missions are also filler, if not pointless. 7/

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not what its made out to be

posted by millerlite2224 (FAIRMONT, NC) Nov 8, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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assassins creed 3 was not what i expected it to be. the story mode of it was ok at first but the way it ended made no sense at all. and im not gonna spoil it for no one so dont think i am. the graphics were off on it for a new game. it seemed rushed through, the whole game had major glitches in it like passing through people and dogs and other animals freezing or skipping. over all it was ok but the commercials do it more justice than it really is u dnt even get to fight i a battle like they do u dont even get to kill king george. it was portrayed as u could but u cant. as for the glitches when u go to ur view point his feet are floating in mid air the kills are off like u will be stabbing and the guy will b on the ground like theres a real bad delay in it. and i belive the most aggervaiting part for me other than the bad story was the talking they would be talking and there mouths wouldnt even move at all or it would b delayed. i belive the biggest let down was if u changed ur suit during the story if there was a scene u would have on the regular suit i mean correct me if im wrong but that wasnt a problem in the last titles i believe. ur suit staied the same through out the whole story in scences and game play i just feel like alot of corners were cut in this game. and it could of been alot better. i would give ti a 5 out of 10 and i love the assassins creed games i have them all in a collection but im embarrassed to say this one is in it cause it was that much of a let down overall though the game was fun didnt like that u had to travel so far but thats part of all these games. if u can look past the all glitches though its not to bad just a let down on the story. i think they could of took it a whole lot further than they did

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Above Average

disappointing (RENT, DO NOT BUY)

posted by WVUGambler5676 (ASHFORD, WV) Nov 7, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

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no where near as good as the all the other Assassin Creed games. Sure there are a few more features but at the cost of a buggy game. i would have been impressed with the combat system if it wasnt so buggy either. there were times that i had to wait to be hit or shot before i could move and other times i could move but not attack. i would expect these bugs and glitches if it was a game with as much data as Fallout New Vegas or Skyrim but that is not the case. even a few of the cut scenes messed up where the characters mouth wouldnt move, there weapon would be in there hand when it shouldnt be (i know it wasnt suppose to be there cause it was going through the pillar in the middle of the room), the character(s) would completely disappear, and other unacceptable bugs for a game like this. In the past i have bought ALL the Assassin Creed games, beat them, finished all the extra content, and was happy i owned them instead of rented them so i could play them again. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THIS ONE. RENT THIS ONE THROUGH GAMEFLY, DO NOT BUY! at least, in my option anyways.

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