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I'm Actually Going To Tell What's Wrong With It.

posted by Yoku (INVERNESS, FL) Dec 19, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

Everyone wants to praise this game like there's nothing bad about it. Well there is, quite a few things actually. First is that there's so many glitches and they don't just appear once or twice or even a few times. They appear all over the place, and they range from people getting stuck in the environment to people disappearing completely in front of you. Plus, I don't know why but if your horse goes near the smallest rock it will stop instantly which makes chase missions extremely difficult. But even with it's flaws it's still a good game that has a great story with interesting characters and amazing graphics. But amazing graphics don't mean anything when the game play is just decent.

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Would have been a 9 if it wasn't loaded with bugs

posted by gman11 (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Dec 18, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I am going to start off with all the good things to say about this game, and then the bad things last.
The graphics are pretty good, and the environments from Boston, New York,Frontier, and the Homestead are visually stunning.
The overall gameplay and action got noticeably smoother and the game isn't so juddery and the picture doesn't cut out so much.
The story was okay, the story setting in the Revolution was a great idea to have this assassins creed in, but the story was just overall kinda boring. They lead up to the main character, Connor, in a good fashion in order to make the game more epic, but it kinda failed.
What I thought really failed was the pointless missions this game had like hunting random animals and collecting feathers, or helping some random guy out as part of the main mission. And what really bugged me about this game was that the optional missions in order to give full syncroization were just stupid and it felt like Ubisoft couldn't make up anything better for the optional missions so they put dumb ones like not being able to touch the ground, or not shove anyone in a chase, it just made it not fun when trying to get full syncroization.
The combat system got better in my opinion, but it seemed easier. The combat system gives you the ability to pick what you want to do with the enemies like throw, or block, or break defense, or kill with your gun, and you can even use people as human shield.
The game is pretty big with 4 areas to cover, and 2 cities, with many, many side missions. But most of the side missions are just pointless, meaningless missions like collection a page, or talking to a guy, or killing a bear.
I was going to give this game a 9, until I started running into major problems like my ammo or weapons disappearing on my next playthrough after a death, or enemies detecting you too easily, getting stuck, not being able to grab some things, and all these bugs ruined my ability to get full sync on missions.

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Very Good

From a Newbies Perspective

posted by Devtastic152 (CAMBRIDGE, MD) Dec 15, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

First, I must tell you I had never played an Assasins Creed game in my life, but all of the hype surrounding this new one peaked my interest so I decided to give it a chance.
I didnt complete too much of the game (when I stopped the Indian guy was in Boston or something) so this is pretty much a raw impression of what immediately struck me as its strengths and weaknesses :

Gameplay is super fluid.
Graphics are beautiful and diligent to detail
The missions were fun for the most part
You climb on EVERYTHING which is in itself inherently fun
Good setting and interesting story
The voice acting ranges from passable to pretty darn competent

Boring in some parts
Guns are lamesauce 1700s guns
Controls can be frustrating sometimes
The woman who played the Indian guys mother sucks really bad at voice acting

Overall great game worth renting fo sho. Just thought my limited famaliarity might offer a fresh angle on the game.

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