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stupid game

posted by lockleyb (GREENBRIER, TN) Mar 10, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

stupid game didn't register me getting all the alnimacs. 97% completion. Got to start the whole game over if I want 100%. stupid game

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good, but not great

posted by RandomKiller312 (BOISE, ID) Mar 7, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

I'm just still disapointed to the climax of desmond miles. I always thought that if you got 100% in the previous games it would reflect in the upcoming and future games, but it didnt. Story line was good enough, but your character is alot "less pimped out" in this one, I definatly missed some of the things from previous games.

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Were Has the Spark Gone?

posted by joemyer (KALISPELL, MT) Mar 3, 2013

Member since Dec 2011

Me and AC have a long history together, and it kills me to say, but this title is severely below par. The new hero Connor never hits the same standers as our beloved Ezio. he talks in a flat monotone voice and never has an impotent character development and is above all, a forgettable character. the setting of revolutionary Amarica my have been a good idea when they pitched it, but the meager chapels of Boston and New York can not compare to the to the towering monoliths of Italy from a free-running prospective. The guards also spot you extremely fast if you are on the roof tops and demand you get down or else they shoot with their unreasonably accurate muskets. So its usually easier just to run on the ground. The other major change in the terrain department is the addition of a tree based parkor system via the frontier. To put it simply, it runs like roller blades over the Rockies. in other words it flows like garbage. Thankfully the combat is back and streamlined. Connor flows around battlefield battlefield extremely naturally and the 1 vs 100 mentality works extremely well with this deadly killer. The social stealth systems work well yet are not used to their full potential in this installment. Two new addition were made in the series, one of which is the homestead and the missions. I was actually quite fond of these missions because they seemed to be story focused around the citizens of your "town" and that story actually doesn't suck. The other feature is the naval combat which feels massively out of place because it is actually good. I would recommend this game to anyone who needs to continue the story of Desmond, but otherwise I would pass.

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