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Not all that

posted by BigEdward (PFLUGERVILLE, TX) Nov 13, 2012

Member since Jul 2008

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

I wanted to like AC III and at first, I did. I loved the new controls, it seemed to give new life to what used to be fairly boring fights but it really hasn't improved all that much. The biggest problem I have is the extra, non-story stuff, it's very flat and seems, for the most part, mostly useless. In the AC II games, you basically rebuilt the city a piece at a time and you could see it and interact with it but here, there doesn't seem to be any point. Also, the setting pales in comparison, colonial America just doesn't hold up to Rome or the Holy Land. I'm sorry but this one just doesn't cut the mustard.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Want A Real, Truthful interview?

posted by whatup5656 (DOVER, DE) Nov 7, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

13 out of 24 gamers (54%) found this review helpful

Unlike, the children that have been writing reviews to this game, mine will be truthful and not fanboyish at all.

First of all....The story and fights are great. Both have kept me very entertained. Unfortunately, the gameplay not so much. It is very obvious that this game was rushed because you will encounter a handful of bugs in the first hour in the game. I've had people disappear, my character launch into the air by just standing there, getting stuck between things and my ship did a full front flip in the middle of battle. Simple things that should never happen. While the game is still good...I do not think it is worth the current 59.99. At tops this game is worth 39.99. The main character is arrogant and rude at times he shouldn't be. Some of the Founding Fathers have been turned into a joke. The villains are a been there seen that in the last game. Nothing new has been brought to this game. Multiplayer has been revamped to make it easier in finding games. Other than that, it is still extremely atrocious when editing things. If Ubisoft would have let the game what it was when the 2nd one came out, this game would have a chance for game of the year. All it is now, is a way to waste time, while waiting for something else. It was a great series but now it is just in the middle. That is my personal opinion but everyone should take time to read it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Most overrated of 2012

posted by boredatwrk (SACRAMENTO, CA) Nov 16, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

Assassin’s Creed 2 was fun. Brotherhood improved on it. You were given a likable hero, an engaging system to ‘level up’ your character, useful interaction with npcs (could I pay you all to start a riot..? ok!) and a city that just begged to be explored. You weren’t treated like an idiot. Here, you are given a stripped-down, soulless experience and a hero that has the personality of an automated recording.

There is a 6 hour tutorial. I experienced it and even I can’t believe it. Gone are the almost puzzleish Templar temples (which were excellent..) equippable gear.. a fast paced, enjoyable npc recruitment system. Oh and fun. That’s gone too. I poured out a 40 oz several times.

The other reviewers were spot on about how this ‘isn’t a true AC game’. They couldn’t be more right. Yes it’s also true that ‘5min have passed.. cutscene time.. facial animations may or may not work’ is true as well. I don’t have a problem with people’s mouths not moving in frequent cutscenes if I’m immersed in a game. This game had me checking out my backlog.

It’s as if the AC franchise merged with some new WRPG. It has a much heavier emphasis on ‘adventure’ and less stealth assassinating. It’s as disappointing as it sounds. It just straight up feels dumbed down in every way. It lacks anything that had that addictive factor making you want to come back. It’s just all uninteresting filler. I put in 12 hours before I couldn’t take it anymore.

If you had ever thought to yourself while playing AC that it needed more horse riding.. this may be the game for you. Yeehaw.

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