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Why not just make it a movie??

posted by cmonster07 (SAN FERNANDO, CA) Mar 25, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I must have been 8 hours into the game and I only had, no joke, about 1 hour of actual game time. I open a door it goes to video, i walk out side another another video, i have to talk to a guy watch a video go to other side of town to talk to another guy AND what do you know!! another video.

And it seemed like everyone needed a favor in this game.

Might as well just made a movie. WAY TOO MUCH LOADING TIME. Loading time is quick but everything i did had to do with loading.

Very dissapointed. I didnt even want to finish the game. I returned as soon as the weekend was over.

Extremly sad about this game.

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I just finished the game and

posted by Ricky_keim (SOMERSET, CA) Mar 24, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

this game feels really rushed. there are bugs everywhere I once got stuck in part of a road during a timed horseback mission. only for a few seconds though. the fast travel system is terrible. say you want to go to the city it drops you off on the edge of the frontier and you have to go through another loading screen to get to the city. taking probably 2 minutes each loading screen some quest markers dont show up on the map. baddies can disappear. all the cut scenes are done in the default outfit instead of using your outfit of choice in the other games. I worry for the upcoming game as this one was just serviceable oh and you dont get anything for completing a lot of the side quests either nothing for the boston brawlers or the frontiersman or even captain kidd's treasure is only his outfit unless you pre ordered which you don't wear on the navel missions even if you wear it. the navel missions are good but there aren't many of them. hearing the native american language was the best part of my experience the combat can feel a bit odd but once you have it down its awesome too

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Not the Game I Hoped For

posted by ModernAlchemist (CARLSBAD, CA) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

As someone who was captivated by Ezio and the story of his trials in the streets of Italia, this game fell flat from what I had hoped for. I still enjoyed playing it, but it was nowhere near the enjoyment I got from the Ezio trilogy. I attribute this to too much forest, not that interesting story, and a kind of "whatever" mission set. It had its moments, but overall, I wasn't super impressed.

The short and sweet of it is: Assassin's creed has a formula of gameplay that will work with almost unlimited settings/time periods. The formula itself is excellent, so this game still got a 7 from me. In most other respects, I think this game failed.

If you haven't played Assassin's creed before, don't start with this. If you have played all of them and loved them, this is worth playing, but don't get your hopes up.

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