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Unbelievably bad!

posted by TORKED (HOUSTON, TX) Jun 6, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

I have played and loved every AC game from the beginning. This one blew me away with how sloppy and poorly written it was. Where do I begin? Everything about this game was less fun, less visually gratifying, and either all around boring or extremely annoying. I had to double check to see if ubisoft sold the rights to the series to some cheesy game maker, but that wasnt the case. Its as if they just wanted to kill the series so they made the worst possible finally that they could to make sure no one would ever want to play another. I am utterly disgusted with you ubisoft. AC3 is a joke of a game and doesn't do the other games in the series justice. I feel very sorry for anyone who got suckered into buying this awful game.

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posted by O47M341 (SIMPSONVILLE, SC) Jun 4, 2013

Member since Sep 2006

I'll admit that the game itself wasn't very exciting. But once I got to the sea battles it was awesome. With a little more than 15 missions dealing with boats, you could get this game for these alone and still be happy. These epic missions are pretty much just you against everybody else with a few of them having objectives such as protect this or follow that. If you are a fan of over the top action then check this game out.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

has potential...probably...maybe?

posted by Average_Joe (BLOOMINGTON, IL) Jun 4, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I'll start off by saying I HATED the first game for many reasons that I won't get into here. ACII, Brotherhood and Revelations have since redeemed the series for me, but III seems like a huge step backwards.

First of all, it's extremely glitchy. I couldn't get past the first couple hours because the game literally would not let me finish a story quest.

What little I was able to play made me extremely disappointed. All the leaps and bounds the series made from ACI to AC:Revelations feels like they're cut in half. Climbing feels clunky, slow and awkward, reminiscent of the climbing mechanic in the first game.

The stealing ability was much slower, as you had to stand behind a person (and you had to be BEHIND them or it wouldn't work) and hold a button for several seconds.

I got two weapons, a basic sword and pistol. I never used the pistol because it's so much slower than Ezio's wrist-mounted hand cannon.

The story even starts much slower as you spend the first hour or two on a ship actually doing very little. I never even got my assassin whites before I was forced to quit the game because of technical issues.

If they creators had held back on releasing this game for another six months it might have been a good send-off title for the current gen of game machines. As it is, it's a frustrating and disappointing end to the AC games on the current consoles. Let's hope the next game is better.

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