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GF Rating


OK, buggy with plenty of visual artifacts

posted by easynrg (AUSTIN, TX) Dec 4, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

Difficult, but not difficult good. If it had less visual artifacts (lines across the screen) and if it would have not frozen 3 times, I would give it a 7.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Easily The Worst Game I've Ever Played

posted by BungaHead (CLINTON, MO) Oct 12, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

I chose to gave this game a try due to LOVING the first AC on PC. That's really where my enjoyment ends for this series. However I did play through it in 12hrs 55mins the only enjoyment was trophies.

The premise of this game is so weird and odd and was a total turn off. This "virtual simulation" machine called the Animus, more like a Virtual Enema, that transports your modern day d-bag character named Desmond to the days of the American Revolutionary War 1775.

I enjoyed the subject matter but this SciFi injection is so odd that it doesn't belong together along with your lame character. I rather much would have played something more straight forward. The story was so hard to bare that its like attempting to fornicate after 20 beers when in reality it's like trying to playing pool with a noodle. Too sloppy & doesn't work.

The load times are ridiculous with a over abundance of cut-scenes that interrupt your playing experience. You are presented with a white geometric room with rotating shapes with your character standing there while the game loads. I was so bored looking at these every few minutes I was acting like I was running Football Wide Receiver Routes to keep myself busy and entertained.

The controls are clunky and often got me killed due to the lack of a crouch/sneaking function. Running & scaling walls often end in glitches while you plummet to your death.

Your character will get caught standing straight up when he should be sneaking around carefully. The enemy AI is very tough to shake in this game and I was often swarmed with 10+ guards that are quick to kill you.

The voice acting & with bland uninteresting characters make the story more unbearable than it already is. Desmond the main character is so easy to dislike you mentally check out sooner than expected. The ending itself is so unsatisfying it's not worth it. Google it.

To note; you will still be doing tutorials hours into the game.

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GF Rating


goin downhill

posted by iplaythru (OCALA, FL) Sep 10, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

In my opinion Assassin's Creed 2 was the peak of this series and now it's going downhill, the characters weren't interesting, the story was mehh, and the gameplay is 'sticky'. The whole thing with the money, trading, and buying new things for the homestead is nice... I guess, if you like that kind of stuff, but that's not just Assassin's Creed. AC3 is still a good game, just not up to par with the level they set for themselves in the earlier titles.

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