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posted by psv123 (NEW YORK, NY) Nov 4, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

From the graphics to the plot line Liberation is a fantastic game while you may lose some things from the old games you gain new ones that make the game that much better and considering the minor ammounts of good games for the vita this one truely allows a vita owner to be proud of his/her magnificent portable system

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posted by jake1998 (HURST, TX) Nov 2, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

game looks horrible, glitches alot, bad story, just a bad vita game again. I love my vita but they need to make good game's or it will go down like psp and psp go.

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Assassin on the go

posted by xrgamer (INDIO, CA) Nov 1, 2012

Member since May 2012

the game starts off marvelous guiding you through new orleans you journey through the life of aveline. aveline is as much of an assassin as any of the other assassins. unfortanately due to the nature of assassin's creed games it is very difficult not to say something great about the game without giving spoilers. aveline is a socialite and is gifted with knowledeg due to alll the
lets start off with the cons and end with the good like this game
you may sometimes be troubled by the controls, for example in a mission where you had to carry a box to fit your slave persona the character kept on interacting with crowd blender option (this can be avoided by walking around such objects), another button problem was when moving through the landscape although not as frequent ; rather rare; still became a bother cause the auto jump would miss a branch. another con which i assumed was added there to make the game more difficult was that it would limit the persona you could use. a negative which is more bothersome than anyhing is that the lady persona can not climb although aroun the city it doesnt matter if you happen to fall in water or an ocean youll have to find a slope.also if you aiming for the full sync and end up restarting at the checkpoint you cant skip dialoge or at least i didnt figure out how to do it
the games has a ton of great features, countering is really smooth and once you get a hand on the timing youl be able to wipe out the grunts now the "bosses" can be countered as well yet being hit by them may mean your death. for noriety there is different things for removing it if the lady recieves noriety you can kill witneses. for a slave you remove wanted posters preferbally as a lady. now the business mode is inresting and is reminiscent of the sid myers trade being downsized.
multiplayer is alright its sorta of a takeover mode. the game also utilizes all the vita controls quite acurately there is more modes than i can postdue to limit.

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