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1 Word terrible

posted by Hesham99 (NASHVILLE, TN) Jul 12, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

when you play it its not fun and it really it feels more like your playing chess than a video game

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Pretty Good

posted by gfsubscriber1 (SOUTH PASADENA, CA) Apr 10, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

I would recommend it.

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ACIII: Liberation User Review

posted by HaloT1tan (AURORA, CO) Mar 6, 2013

Member since Nov 2007

This game looks and feels great on a handheld device and it truly shows off the capabilities of of the PlayStation Vita. It's a miniature version of a console standard Assassin's Creed packed full of gameplay and story.

The story itself is mediocre. Aveline is the first female lead in the franchise and her story felt weak. Often the game forces the player to wear a certain persona (lady, assassin, slave) rather than letting the player choose how to go about a mission. The side missions in the games are rather dull as well. More than half of them have Aveline racing around the city to etch out business competition.

One particular side mission helps show off hour frustrating the control scheme is. The right bumper is used to sprinting and climbing. This mission is a race and through the duration of it, the gamer will find that sprinting next to something they can climb (even when they don't want to climb) will become a frustrating en devour.

Liberation also forces the gamer to utilize the Vita functionality as a game play mechanism. This is displayed in quirky little puzzles that require the rear view camera to be pointed at a bright light to unveil a secret message. More often than not, this function did not work, even when it was pointed at the brightest light.

Another frustrating puzzle occurred during the ball maze that forced the gamer to tilt the Vita in a manner that would move the ball to the center of the maze. The controls felt clunky and the ball rarely moved the direction it was suppose to. Upon setting the Vita on a flat surface, the ball continued to move by itself.

Liberation is also plagued with glitches ranging from getting struck by enemies that are outside of melee range, swimming in mid air, and hitting an enemy continuously without them eventually going down. The game also suffers from a glitch that refuses to load the player's saved game. I was forced to restart twice.

Overall experience was fun, but it was overshadowed by t

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