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Follow the Creed...Again

posted by jayroboy12 (LOUISVILLE, KY) Nov 21, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

Assassin's Creed 2 is probably one of the greatest games I have played. I can't stop playing it.
Desmond Miles is back in the Animus except this time he is working for the assassins. They break him out of Abstergo in order to train him to become an assassin and with the Animus it will be easy. He goes to the time of the Italian Renaissance and experiences the life of a another one of his ancestors named Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. I like saying that name. Ezio is out for revenge for the murder of his father and two brothers and he trains to possibly become a better assassin than Altair. He travels all over Italy to solve clues and kill some people in order to find the one responsible for his father and brother's murder.
The gameplay is little bit like the first but it has been updated big time. There are new weapons you can choose from like a mace or even an axe. You can upgrade your armor and even change the color of your outfit. My favorite weapon is still the hidden blade but this time you have two so that means double the kills. The gameplay is a lot harder than the first but the way you kill your opponents makes it even better. You can take your enemy's weapons and use it against them. You can jump off buildings and kill your enemies on top. Also you can hide in hay and stealth kill them. You can swim in the game too so thats a big plus. You blend with the crowd a lot in this game in order to hide from your enemies but even if you are hiding that doesn't mean they can't find you so be aware of that. Countering is harder too especially against the bigger enemies but it still helps.
This game is a major upgrade from the first so you Assassin's Creed fans will not be disappointed.

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WAY better than the first

posted by Spartan654 (NORCROSS, GA) Nov 20, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

First off, if u ever wanted to/have played a open-world game Get this gane NOW. It has a really good stroyline, hidden guns, flying machines, dual assassnations, and down right brutual kills. If you ever played GTA, then alot of things will remind of you the game, From the map to the soical life to the kills.


-Good storyline
-Awesome combat
-Awesome open-world ( haven't even beaten the game and i'm still roaming Florence)
-New weapons
-Money system
-Improved fights and enemies
- better side quest

Cons (These are just things i noitced that are annoying)

- If you buy 2 weapons u can't change between the two
- Itallian speaking ( they have parthennes around the meaning)
- Long time till you can enjoy free roaming ( I would say dual assassnation blades is a good time to free roam.)

Overall Must buy for any gamer and a Must speical edititon buy for Open-world fans

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posted by jmh7305 (Camden, NY) Nov 20, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

So Ubisoft has done it again...picture everything you loved from Assassin's Creed and multiply it ten-fold for Assassin's Creed 2. With increased climbing speed, more and better weapons, tons of killing moves and assassination techniques this sequel far surpasses the original. The story can be a bit quirky at times but its still easy to follow, wont go in more depth and ruin it, but it rounds out nicely in the last couple sequences. My only complaint is that I'd rather have the concept from the original Assassin's Creed when it comes to the main assassinations that take place, most of the time your infiltrating a huge compound or palace filled to the brim with guards that can see from long distances and by the time you get through them the target already knows your there and is running away, whereas in Assassins Creed you could pick and chose a path that would lead you right up to the target for a chance at a stealth kill...but that is a minor complaint when compared to the rest of the game. With hours upon hours of quests and sidequests to finish this game is definetly a must buy for everyone.

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