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< Doesnt go to Eleven...

posted by Exilo (EL PASO, TX) May 19, 2011

Member since May 2011

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This was one sick game from start to end i played the first part and liked it i was a bit unsure that this one would be able to top the last one but i was severly wrong to me there was nothing bad about the game i gliched into objects on accedent when fighting twice and i hate the fail musicians and box carrying people always getting in your way but whats a game with out a few frustrations lol but from that being said which was the only bad. Time for the good the currency, and how the more you do the more you make to all the items you can buy, and how you have so many weapons and equipment as well as changing appearence it was bomb if you played the first or even if you didnt you would be able to catch up on whats going on quickly games fun quick and even though it was a rental and i had to return it to get my next game i had to force myself not to buy it although im still concidering it more and more every day since this is hands down one of the greatest games made so far but dont take my word for it rent it today and see for yourself you wont regret it!

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Alright Altair, Ezio will be your teacher today...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Feb 17, 2010

Member since Mar 2006

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To be honest, I wasn't wholly thrilled with the first Assassin's Creed, which seemed a little simple, fairly redundant and lacking substance. Luckily, the second installment is here to redeem the first in every way imaginable.
The story continues to follow Desmond Miles in his exploration of his assassinating ancestors. Gone are the ancient cities of Crusade-era Holy Land and in comes the sweeping architecture of Renaissance-era Italy. You play Ezio, a playboy turned assassin bent on avenging his family by killing a bunch of Templar conspirators. He even gets some help from Leonardo da Vinci and Macchiavelli as he explores Tuscany, Florence and Venice.
So many things have been expanded in this game from the previous. First, you get your own villa, which can be improved and upgraded to increase your income and give you discounts at your shops. You can purchase new weapons and armor this time around, as well as learn new special moves. You'll also get a bunch of new toys to play with, like smoke bombs, poison darts and a pistol mod for your hidden blade.
The big improvement to your assassination skills comes from dual hidden blades, which make for efficient kills. You can also do special kills from haystacks or ledges.
And then there's Desmond. His sequences are far less frequent this time and he actually gets to do something in them. Ubisoft made the smart move of focusing just on Ezio this time.
I was personally impressed with the length of the game, which is on par with GTA4 and in many ways has more to do. Contracts, assassin's tombs, courier missions, treasure chests, feathers and more await you in each city.
Even if you didn't like AC1, you'll likely be drawn to AC2. Free-running and combat are much improved this time around, although still in need of perfection for the third installment. But, while not a perfect game, it's so good you likely won't care. And the Truth... well, just play it for yourself.

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Adrenaline pumping assassinations

posted by Pulverizer (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Nov 25, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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No more of Assassin's Creed 1 story of, man enters city, man kills other man, man runs, man talks to man with beard and repeat.

The story in this game is fantastic, you even pick up a little italian. There are tons of new weapons to purchase or you can get them by disarming an enemy. As you run through Italy you're not on your own, Leonardo DaVinci helps you out and eventually other members of the Creed do too. And you can finally SWIM!

The game has stealth assassintions that are just amazing they never get old nor does hitting a guard with a maul in the stomach then in the back of the head. You have many choices to distract guards, such as courtesans, thieves and mercenaries to lure guards away and sink your hidden blade into your assassination target.

There are puzzles to solve that will eventually allow you to unlock Altairs armor and it only leaves me with one question: when does Assassin's Creed 3 come out!?

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