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Great game at first

posted by cdubz51 (OMAHA, NE) Dec 13, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

This game was one of the best games ever... however it became very redundant

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Good Game but...

posted by Donis187 (DORCHESTER CENTER, MA) Dec 13, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

I like this game, still in the middle of playing it. Honestly, if you enjoyed part 2 then you'd likely like this one as it feels more like an expansion pack. I mean a lot of content here so that is easily an unfair label but it really does feel like I never put down part two and just went on playing the same game from some DLC off xbox live.

Multi-player needs a bit of work as its the same sequence of kill a target, by killing target you reveal yourself as an assassin, so somebody in turn kills you from behind JUST as you killed target. Rinse and repeat.

My great hope for the future editions to this game is to get rid of the money system. Its incredibly boring the fact that you spend less time actually assassinating as you do property management and shopping and touring and climbing. I'm pretty bored and flat out tired of gathering buy a sword, to buy another sword and repairing my armor and climbing towers and igniting towers and all these other repetitive distractions.

I kept finding myself anxious to actually "play the game" but realizing how much more fun "playing the game" would be if I had say, a crossbow. A crossbow cost a ton of loot so for the next 5 hours I'm going to tour towers to open up the area, fight guards, pickpocket townspeople and so on and so on b4 I FINALLY get the crossbow and FINALLY play an actual mission. I think this is only a cringe inducing problem because you did JUST play the game b4 (which feels identical to this game) and worked so hard accumulating a crapload of weapons and armor and money that is now completely gone. You mean I JUST played ten hours of that game and now its time to start over from scratch? Sigh...

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Amazing Game.

posted by Volt566 (OWINGS, MD) Dec 12, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

A lot of people justly did not like the original Assassin's Creed. Its painstaking repetition, stiff controls and clumsy combat made for an often frustrating game, and while I agreed with those points, the story alone made it enough to keep me playing.

Assassin's Creed II came out and improved on many of the gameplay elements. Scaling the environment was much smoother and offered more freedom, combat was smoother and easier (though still pretty frustrating) and the story was better than ever. Yet, for some reason I saw a lot of people still reject the game. Maybe they couldn't make it past the slow start of the game, or maybe they still had the first game's impression stuck in their head.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has come along and steps up to the challenge of changing everybody's opinion on the franchise. While die-hard fans like myself were excited to see that it wasn't just a multiplayer-heavy title (Ubisoft did a poor job at advertising it as anything but), I also saw a lot of previous naysayers starting to show interest in the game.

Then the game came out and completely redeemed any bad qualities its predecessors had. Free-running is so incredibly smooth and limitless, many broken things were fixed, and a lot of things that weren't necessarily broken were improved vastly. The combat is so much smoother and makes fighting a large group of people simple, even though at times this may make it seem like stealth is trivial when you could face a few dozen guards and come out literally without a scratch on you. Luckily, the game tends to push you in the direction of stealth to get the job done.

I wish I could write more but the character limit is starting to shrink pretty quickly. But I will say that the Assassin's Guild is an amazing feature, the story was intense, and the multiplayer could use some tweaking for fairness but otherwise is the dictionary definition of innovation. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is a must-have game.

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