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posted by LpsLost (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Dec 6, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

5 out of 24 gamers (21%) found this review helpful

this game is such junk, and i loved the 2nd one, its like they took everything i hated about the 2nd one and made it into this game.

your guy likes to jump off of the tall spots and kill him self rather then to jump up to the league, the map is one big town that is overwhelming and its very hard to find your way around, there is NOTHING to do, you cant kill anyone, the fighting all comes down to waiting for them to attack and then you kill them, there is no skill to it and they block everything you attack them with.. this game is junk, thank you game fly for letting me rent it and not toss away money on it.

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DO not rent if older sytem

posted by hckygoalie (SAINT CHARLES, MO) Nov 23, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

Great game but do not rent if you have an older system it will red ring your x box

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Multiplayer addon........

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 17, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2003

5 out of 26 gamers (19%) found this review helpful

The game wasn't as impressive as so many noted... When I see a continuing title, I expect to see better graphics... A more indepth story, but that same great fun... Well in this one the new aspect is multiplayer, which is OK... But it is still great fun if you like this traverse style of run and climbing game genres.
Assassins' Creed is a 3rd person climb around game like Prince of Persia... But with a more free-roam feeling with the title[Basically a open world you run around in].

Placed in Rome and continuing right where you left off in Assassins' Creed II... You continue assuming the role as Ezio & Desmond.

Ezio Auditore spared a life and finds he might have made a mistake. In the mean time -- Desmond and his rouge team are seeking safe haven from the, present time, Templars... Both have odds against them as they find their selves seeking retribution against their adversary.
Ezio realises he made a mistake and must seek out the Spaniard, whom he spared.
Desmond is still seeking the Templar's main goal... To defeat the present time, menace...

The story is on the same line as the previous title and nothing to new about it.
There is upgrades you find for Ezio later on but you start out fully equipped. You play as Desmond more often then usual, but mostly in areas Ezio has explored in, but in present time.

The noticeable change is the ability to ride into town/court on your horse.
Ezio's mother now is very prominent of him attacking or being a War seeking leader... Lucy, of Desmond's crew, now performs acrobats... A lot of things have changed in the game some irregular or off--completely off--from previous title.

The game multiplayer is OK. You select a character along with 7 other players... You run around a CLOSED area to kill them. Basically a constant cat and mouse game. The AI all look alike in the multiplayer--appearing as other players in game--increasing difficulty or making more annoying.

I was not too impressed with this `new title...

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