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posted by Jayzer (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Nov 23, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

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Single player- AC:B's story mode is fantastic, tons of stuff to do that took me well past the 20 hour mark of gamplay to get everything and all of the achievments which very few games can give you, yes im looking at you Call of Duty. The gameplay is great, as always, although a bit easy at times. But the game balances out the easy combat with VERY challenging missions. The only negative about the story mode is that the story itself feels a little weak in comparison to AC2.
The game mostly takes place in Rome, with the exception of a few flashback sequences and side missions, and a few segments as Desmond in the present which are easily the best sequences the series has offered yet. The overall story, not just Ezio's crusade for talking about Desmond and the templars and the ever approaching utterly mind blowing again, just as it was in AC2. Rome itself is easiest the single best envirement ever created in a video game. And thats not an exxageration at all, it is just that good.

Multiplayer- Honestly, AC:B's multiplayer is the most rewarding and satisfying online experiance you are likely to find these days. The idea of being the hunter and the hunted at the same time, amidst spectacular city enviroments and vistas full of detail and differnent things to interact with, is amazing. It's tense and fun and never frustrating as wether you do good or bad, is completely dependant on how you play.
One reviewer said its mostly based on luck and chance....but thats just not true as any SKILLED player will tell you. You dont run around in this game looking for a kill, if you do, you will get taken out quite quickly. You have use stealth and blending methods that you're introduced to in the single player. You have a huge variety of ways to kill your target and gain more points for being hidden or stealthy and creative in your killing with plenty of things to unlock as you level up. Finally a multiplayer thats worth coming back to.

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Best one yet

posted by TheRumby (DE PERE, WI) Sep 20, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

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The other Assassin Creed titles were so so, but this franchise continues to improve as it ages. The storyline is bizarre and doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but the individual game has a reasonable story line. The combat was improved to be more difficult at times, the "free running" can be frustrating at times, and the stealth system still needs some work, but overall a very enjoyable game with a lot of room to grow.

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Almost opted out! Glad I didn't!

posted by Sutliff (SURPRISE, AZ) Dec 2, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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I have to say that when I saw ACB as a sequel that followed the same character (Ezio) from AC2, I was very skeptical. I was worried they were going to only lightly touch on the story and focus more on the multiplayer. I was INCREDIBLY wrong.

Single Player - This is the most vast location I have ever seen. With so many places to hide and kill from. So many things to find! I absolutely love the fact that we are now able to replay missions. The introduction of recruiting assassins and sending them on missions or calling them in to help in battle is ingenious! I would go as far to say as this is the most involved and original of the AC series!

Multiplayer - I'm going to be honest. I was not expecting much (if anything) out of the multiplayer. I expected some weak attempt at a multiplayer design. I was again pleasantly surprised. As in many multiplayer game, there are perks that you can earn as you level up. What is great about what ACB has done is that you have to use stealth. There is no run and gun strategy. The extras looking exactly like everyone else is great too! You really have to use your skills to tactfully and successfully get your kills while you are being hunted by up to 4 other players! Absolutely incredible!

ACB could quite possibly be game of the year! I am planning on keeping this one and purchasing future AC games in the series! (I hope it's more than just one because I am addicted to this story)

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