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The Fight is on in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood!

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Nov 15, 2010

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Taking place right after Assassin's Creed 2, the opening of Brotherhood shows us how Ezio escapes Vatican, where we saw him last defeating Rodrigo Borgia, ACII's primary antagonist. The escape mission not only serves as a refresher as what as happened recently, but also a nice tutorial that teaches us the proper ways of killing in a way only an Assassin would.

But that's not why I gave it a rating of 9, while Ezio's personal vendetta against the Borgia Clan is interesting and intense, nothing beats playing Assassin vs. Assassin in Multiplayer!

Multiplayer is where two or more players go head to head in Assassin-on-Assassin action, walking around large crowds, trying to conceal ourselves from our prey was not only challenging but surprisingly fun! I alomst laughed out loud when my friend accidently blew his cover killing some old geezer in the crowd that looked much like my character!

The controls remain swift and precise, making the game both enjoyable and easy (controller-wise!). But I think you will agree with me when i say, the new Raise-An-Assassin-Guild system defines the game as intrigueing and almost a Strategy game!

That's right, in Brotherhood, as Ezio, you gain the ability to turn your new-found allies into highly-trained assassin, like yourself. Then you can send off these young apprentices all across Europe to complete missions while you concentrate on taking down Borgia's rule in Rome. Once your Assassin buddies grow a few notches in their belts, they can be more helpful when you call them to help you in combat.

So the next time you're surrounded by heavily-armed guards and need some backup, hit a button and BOOM, up to six Assassins crawl out of the shadows and start figthing your enemies to the death! Helpful, right? But worry, they may die if they can't win a fight, so make sure you're Assassin buddies are trained well before you put them up to the large fights!

By the way...

:foodndrink: to be my bro' Ezio!

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One of my favorite game franchises

posted by NTNSE37 (AUSTIN, TX) Jan 25, 2011

Member since Nov 2009

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I have to say I was hesitant to think if AC: Brotherhood would be any good since the reviews I read before playing were somewhat skewed. However, I really got into AC because of the stealth play and the intriguing history of the storyline. Brotherhood did not disappoint me one bit with progressing the story of Templars & Desmond. I found this game to be more insightful and developing of Desmond's story, which to me is the main reason for the franchise. People were right when they said this really wasn't the third but more like the second-and-a-half installment; being that it dives deeper into Ezio's life. It was rather pleasing to see how they expanded on his past with flashbacks & memories. They even brought back familiar characters and added new ones, which will hopefully be in the next one. Without a doubt I know this game had to be made in order for the franchise to continue & will only make the gamers more knowledgable on the plot.

The controls are pretty much the same and are very easy to master once you play a few times. Instead of having all the weapons from AC:II, you lose them and have to regain them back. I enjoyed the challenges of overtaking borgia towers & eliminating the captains at each one, which brings the assassin recruitment ability into play. Props to the developers for thinking of this and giving the player some help when needed. They are very useful when you need to not lose much life for sync purposes or timed events. The secret missions are even worth the play, because it adds to the storyline of Rome.

I think what draws so many to the franchise is the in-depth & history the developers put into the story and how it makes you think what is to come next. The ending was a big cliffhanger & makes the next one even more exciting to wait on. Didn't give the multi-player too much of my time, but it seems pretty interesting & a good way to challenge others. One thing is for sure, the next AC will be monumental in the story.
Have fun playing

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Great 2.5 sequel

posted by Viciouslig (OLYMPIA, WA) Nov 19, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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I am huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series. I give them respect for their detail and amount of side-missions. This was a great addition to the series with tons of added features.

Story - 7
The story was the only low point of the game. It was good but not very well evolved. In reality this game was made to complete what was not completed in part 2. Unlike other additions this story stay in Rome (LARGE ROME).

Gameplay - 9
Same mechanics with some added influence. The addition of assassins to help you is great. Also the face that you can develop your assassins by sending them on missions adds to the gameplay.

Graphics - 10
DETAIL GALORE!! Simple as that. Few obvious glitches (horses in the floor).

Sound - 10
Great music, tons of sounds and great voice-overs.

Overall - 9
This game is a great addition to the series and the multiplayer is well developed. The story mode can be 25+ hours with all the side missions. If you like third person action adventures then buy this. You will be playing for a long time.

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