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Very Good

bloodlines 8 out of 10

posted by take9840 (POPLAR BLUFF, MO) Jan 5, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

I am giving assassins creed bloodlines an 8 out of 10. at first if you are assassins creed fan you'll notice how blocky and poorly animated the graphics are. but this disappointment will soon fade. it has a real good open world assassins creed feel to it. Altair's story is continued from a year after the first assassins release. I've read where they took from both console titles and fused them together. I disagree.this game stays more true to the original than anything. besides the fact that maybe yes there are coins on the boat in the harbor and the connectivity between assassins creed 2 and bloodlines. seeing that this game was on the chopping block at the same time as the console sequel i don't understand them understanding that in the sequel they needed to cut out the repetitiveness of going to an returning to the bureau for every mission yet in bloodlines they just gave it another name."The resistance safe-house". Anyways i played through the storyline of this title in around the six hour mark. yet it was good enough that it wasn't getting me thinking "I wish this would just end already". the progression of the storyline was great and the dialogue was a little off from what you would expect from an assassins title yet not way off the mark and very entertaining. anyways i am giving this 8/10 and putting it on my suggested rental list. so go have fun killing the baddies (Templar's) for the good of mankind. you are Altair, betrayed by his master, holder of the piece of Eden, master assassin.

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Not bad but more needs to be done with it.

posted by Tobikun (PITTSBURG, CA) Dec 29, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

Having only briefly played the original Assassin's Creed at my friends house I enjoyed it greatly. That said I was elated when I heard they were making a PSP version. However now I am less than thrilled here is my breakdown.

Graphics: 10/10. What can I say the graphics are flawless. Beautifully detailed cities and characters this is quite possibly one of the most beautiful games on the PSP and the graphics rival that of some games on PS2 even.

Sound: 5/10. Why such a low score? Simple the sound, or lack thereof, was boring. Frankly I heard barely any sound except for that of stabbing (which who doesn't love that sound?) but there could have been a little more music.

Story: 7/10. The story really had nothing to keep me engulfed in it and most of the scenes were skipped. However, what I did watch was very interesting and if I took the time to watch and read the story of it I would probably enjoy it.

Playability: 5/10. This is where this game shows its' true colors. The smooth motions that you saw on the console version is absent here. The tiny little analog nub on the PSP is extremely sensitive to the slightest movement and in all honesty moving with it is quite awkward. The game is also extremely short and I beat it within a couple hours of gameplay.

Replay Value: Relatively Low

Final Score: 7/10.

Final Thoughts: The scores actually averaged out to a 6.75 but I rounded up because this game does have something going for it and is worth playing. However I say do not waste the $40.00 to buy it and simply rent it if you wish to play it. I can honestly say I am going to be taking my copy back to gamestop quite soon.

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assassin's Creed: Bloodlibes

posted by onmars (NASHVILLE, TN) Nov 28, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

i was awsome game i play

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