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Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles

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Altair busts on the DS with mixed results.

posted by GSRJedi (CHANDLER, AZ) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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Altair's Chronicles is a prequel to the console version of the game.

The biggest problem is the controls. The 3D world is hard to navigate because the camera is fixed on a 2D plane. Many times you can't tell where you need to jump and grab a rope or avoid obstacles. The platforming is very inconsistent. It's very easy to be sneaking on a beam and have to make a jump, but jump to far and die. Then when you reload and try again, you don't jump far enough.

I found the combat wasn't too bad in small doses. Once you learn a couple of combos, you find that's all you use. When fighting one or two guys that's alright, but when facing 4 or 5 enemies it becomes very repetitive.

The DS exclusive touch-screen mini-games really don't add anything to the game. The interrogation is an Elite Beat Agents rip-off that isn't fun without the beat. Pickpocketing usually involves moving a key out of a bag without touching the other items in the bag. They both come across as annoying filler.

The graphics aren't too bad for a DS game. The cities all look similar and there's not many character models.

The game has an annoying habit of not remembering things. Everytime you turn it on it asks you to select a language. Then there is a screen that says "touch screen to continue" for no apparent reason. Everytime you do a pickpocket, it asks if you're left handed. Just little annoying things. Unfortunately, the game doesn't save at checkpoints which means you have to beat a level before turning your DS off. I like my handheld games to save frequently, since I may need to turn it off at any moment.

Overall, Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles isn't a bad game. It has it's moments, running on rooftops is kinda fun, but with many levels plagued by poor control and design the game becomes more of a chore than entertainment.

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the DS let me down

posted by xboxdude74 (CONWAY, AR) Jun 26, 2009

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I had heard about assassins creed from some friends, so I tried it on DS. it didnt have my interest at all. despite attempts at great scenery and stunning graphics, it caused too many negative glitches. for example, you jump off a building to another, you fall through the building and to your death. some of the traps didnt make sense, and you feel that the way you beat it wasnt the right way, even when it was the only way. this game is a huge let-down from what I heard of the rest of the series, hopefull, I will get a chance to try the others, but probably not. really, it would be better to just play psychonauts for the x-box. if you must play this though, try to make the best of the endless hours of boring gameplay.

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Assassin's Creed

posted by fiveboys (MORGAN HILL, CA) Mar 31, 2008

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The commercials were great, but the game was only okay. I must say parts were very good, but for the most part hunting and searching were boring and straightforward.

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