Rent Asphalt Urban GT for DS
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Asphalt Urban GT

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GF Rating

174 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Asphalt Urban GT

GamePlay: Wireless Multi-Card gameplay is available for up to four players. If you wish to host a game, select Host Game from the Main Menu. If you want to join a game hosted by another player, select Join Game from the Main Menu. Multiplayer wireless games require one Game Card per player.

Touch Screen Browse and Change Options. Select Option (Double-Tap)
Control Pad Up/Down = Cycle Options. Left/Right = Change Options.
A Button Select/Next Screen
B Button Back/Previous Screen

Control Pad Steering
A Button Boost
B Button Accelerate
X Button Horn
Y Button Brake
L Button Rearview Mirror
R Button Change View
Start/Pause Pause. Select = Toggle Lights On/Off.