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GF Rating


Slow to Start

posted by MsCeriRuss (BOISE, ID) Jun 23, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

This game was entertaining, for awhile. I enjoyed the graphics and found few glitches. It was hard getting my bearings in the game. Until I found my groove I was very frustrated and ready to quite. However I have never quite on a game that soon so I continued. And found that patience is a virtue. Some one with a limited attention span, or inability to problem solve effectively would not like this game. however if you are semi-intelligent and some what stubborn, if you like the freedom of choice and adventure of classic RPGs you will enjoy this game. Oh and FYI it is possible to open the door to the top world. . .although not worth the trouble.

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Linear. Boring. Just Plain Bad

posted by TheBauc1 (MOBILE, AL) Mar 12, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Jan 2006

2 out of 6 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

This game was trying to be an open world RPG. where you can build your character, take quests, you know, rpg stuff. But the developers made one crucial mistake. THE WHOLE GAME IS UNDERGROUND IN DWARF MINES!!! The story is that the sun went out and all the races went underground. They worked together for a while to rebuild civilization, but eventually split apart again. And now an evil cult is trying to raise a powerful god to destroy everyone. And its up to you to stop them. So lets get into the gameplay now shall we. The actual sword and bow fighting is pretty good (unlike Morrowind). But the magic is casted by using runes which is annoying. The graphics aren't good and character models are really bad. There was so much clipping in the cutscenes I wanted to scream. The storyline was linear so there was nothing else to do. And trying to find your way around cities was a major pain. There's no point in exploring because its all just boring mines. The game isn't good. You only have 4 choices for what your character looks like and they all look bad. My suggestion, don't play this game. I give it a 4, out of 10.

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posted by snotty1 (SEATTLE, WA) Jun 29, 2006

Member since May 2006

3 out of 10 gamers (30%) found this review helpful

me myself, I thought this was 1 of the better RPG'S, that i've c'in un a long time, the grafic's r good, learning the spells were good, figuring out the clues, and puzzles were good, ther were sumthings that was confusing, like the troll jawbone, that was suppose 2 stop them from being mad at u,lol
gits alittle festrating when gitting lost in tunnels, but what else is new , of gitting lost in games, the only thing that puzzles me , is that 1 door, when u open it, it freezes u 2 death, no matter how much fur armor and frost protection spells u have on,lol

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GF Rating


The no auto save kills

posted by dsach00 (DULUTH, GA) Oct 21, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

This game was so beast. I was so into it after just getting it at a Comp USA or something in the bargain bin. I was confused at first because the lighting and graphics were poor compared to now a days but that really doesn't concern me as long as the story and gameplay are intriguing such as morrowind or warriors of might and magic way back on the PSX. Anyways The combat was really keeping me going and the puzzles were a very nice change of pace, they added a twist without making you want to snap the disc in half. I was so immersed i completely neglected saving my game having become so used to the standard autosave of recent games. I died ofcourse and tried to load and there was nothing there. I will really have to give this game another try some day soon though because the experience is well worth it.

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GF Rating



posted by OKRecords (ASHBURN, VA) Dec 30, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Nov 2007

I didn't like this game. I thought the concept of playing either the "good guy" or "bad guy" campaign were an interesting concept. But, overall the game was delivered poorly.

It's your standard hack and slash game with no real story behind it. If you want to run around from level to level in a Golden Axe style game, then this is definitly for you. If you're looking for more than that, look elsewhere.

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