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Arthur and the Invisibles


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Also on:GBA, DS
GF Rating

82 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Arthur and the Invisibles

X Button Jump. Double-Jump (Press Twice). Grab Onto Vine.
Triangle Button Block
Square Button Special Action. Attack. Shoot. Release Ledge.
Circle Button Open Padlock
L2 Button Display Mul-Mul or Rune Detector
L1 Button Restore Energy
R2 Button Display Interface
R1 Button Switch Characters
Start Button Pause
Select Button Display Goals
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Walk. Move Along Ledge. Swing.
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Move Camera. Zoom.
Combo #1 X Button + X Button + Square Button = Round Bash
Combo #2 Left Analog Stick + X Button = Grab Onto Ledge (Toward Ledge). Jump Off Ledge (Toward Empty Space). Jump Onto Ledge Behind (Toward Opposite Ledge). Jump Ledges.
Combo #3 Square Button + Left Analog Stick = Pivot On Vine
Combo #4 Left Analog Stick (Toward Enemy) + Square Button = Bare-Handed Special Attack
Combo #5 Circle Button + Left Analog Stick (Shake) = Snatch Enemy's Shield