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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel


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Very Good

love this game

posted by gatorchron (LAS VEGAS, NV) May 18, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

i beat this game today the game is awesome and pretty reptivie i am think buy this game get online pass & overkiller pack and stuff. There few things i dont like about this game is u have to buy online pass also cover system suck when u try to take cover your guy dont take cover but other then that its worth rent & buy

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posted by TrophyBoost (NEW YORK, NY) May 10, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

I am a huge fan of the Army of Two series and was nervous in the change of protagonist from Salem and Rios.

I was very pleasantly suprised. This game doesnt have a deep story line, or the worlds greatest graphics. It also doesnt have collectible or state of the art graphic systems.

What it does have is alot of shooting, with no down times... it is like the worlds best 80's action movie. Great to play with a buddy, with the volume on HIGH.

It is the game for the gamer who just wants to have an over the top, simple blast of a time.

Leave your brain at the coffee table and just have fun destroying everything that moves.

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The only shooter to put me to sleep.

posted by Celor997 (FREDERICK, MD) May 10, 2013

Member since Jan 2009

Let me preface this review by saying: I played through the first two games and ADORED them. Me and my best friend played through The 40th Day a few dozen times, and that's in spite of the average reviews the games had gotten.

Now with that said, this game is an attempt at turning over a new leaf for the franchise--instead of controlling Salem and Rios you control Generic Meathead A and Generic Meathead B. The plot has you going through generic towns, squares, and fields, taking down cartels along the way.

Yes, the story is fairly generic--not a big shock, there, as the previous games also had fairly generic stories, and were primarily focused on the action. This one attempts to do the same, but the guns all seem to handle somewhat pathetically, even after upgrading them.

Oh yeah, and the best part of the game is the customization. My God, the amount of customization you can go in to is just amazing; better even than the previous games, what with adding scopes, modding clips, muzzle breaks, etc., along with changing masks and outfits.. it's pretty cool. However, it is made moot in that, for the most part, the weapons the enemies drop are better than yours through a good chunk of the game.

The co-op does work rather well in the title, but doesn't really do anything with it--really, it's just there because the previous games had it. While you can draw fire so your partner can flank (and it is a very effective strategy) there isn't a great deal else you can do until later on.

So, quick summary:

+Lots of customization
+Local co-op
+Has some epic moments that make you feel like a bad sob.

-Gunplay is weak, and most guns handle like peashooters
-Terrible story and weak characters
-Can be outright boring at times

I'd give the game a pass unless you're interested in an incredibly repetitive experience with below-average gameplay, cringeworthy dialogue, bland characters, and enough retcons to shame DC. If that's yo

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