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bring a can of raid.

posted by pheyespy (ALTUS, OK) Apr 22, 2013

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lots of bugs, I mean lots of bugs. some bugs will stop you from completing a level, other bugs will stop you from completing the game. Seriously I cannot complete the game, because after what I assume is the ending movie and both the characters are about to walk off into the sunset. The game notifies me that "Bravo" has died and I have to restart from checkpoint. I have completed the ending boss about 4 times now under different conditions same glitch.

So thanks EA for another steaming pile, and thank you Gamefly for helping to prevent a bad purchase.

Also the really cool aggro swapping mechanic from the 1st and 2nd game is gone. Aggro is now a stat on the guns (modable) that affects aggro generation in-game. Aggro can be spent in one way, on brief periods of invincibility/increased damage/no reloads. no more feign death or fake surrender. The AI seems vaguely aware of aggro in-game, with battles just a series of waist high walls. With the aggro swapping tactic gone, so are the cool visuals.

Alternatives to renting this game:
1. Rent Gears of War 2 and pretend all the mutant are Mexicans.
2. Rent Army of Two 1 and/or 2, maybe invite a friend over for pizza and video games.
3. Rent Red Dead Redemption, pretend that all the Mexicans are mutants.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The best in the series

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) May 16, 2013

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Devil's Cartel is by far the best Army of Two game there is. It's improved in almost every way from the previous two games, and I have to say that I had a ton of fun playing the co-op campaign with a friend. It's a polished experience with lots of customization and explosions.

The campaign features over 40 missions, some longer than others, and you mostly play with a either live or NPC co-op partner. Sometimes it's Army of Four when the other dudes join in to spice up the variety. It was like a non-stop Michael Bay film, like Bad Boys but with way cooler than Will Smith protagonists. The variety is decent too, whether it's gunz blazin (95% of the time), or a chopper scene, or a getaway car chase manning a machine gun turret as you escape.

AI programming has improved, meaning it's much easier to command your NPC if you're playing solo. They are much smarter than before also. You can tag stuff, tell him to shoot or come near you, and use his Overkill mode when the meter is full. If you both decide to press the Overkill button, it's chaos with the most crazy exploding fire insta kill bullets. That's the coolest part of the gameplay.

Otherwise, it's still a bit strategic if you want it to be, offering more points for backstabs, flanks, co-op tag team kills, etc. So it's best to work as a team with 1 person guns blazing and the other to flank with silencers and killer assassination close encounter finishers.

Expect lots of action, hilarious one liners from over-the-top cliché tatted up military types. I actually thought the dialogue was pretty good and made me laugh at times like the guy saying "shoot the red barrels man!! Don't you know red barrels always explode in video games?" I also loved the huge variety of gear to wear, masks (which you can also custom design like CoD's emblem), guns, and tattoos. I would absolutely check this game out if you can get a friend to play it with, it's worth the time.

Milt Drucker

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Ruined the series

posted by killer2497 (MINT HILL, NC) Apr 4, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

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If you are a fan of the original then don't get your hopes up because it takes a turn for the worst i knew it would be bad i soon as i saw you don't even play as Rios and Salem complete fail.

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