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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel


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Fun coop if you want to pay for it.

posted by KidarX (SEATTLE, WA) May 7, 2013

Member since Feb 2005

Army of Two has always been kind of a meh series for me. I do enjoy playing coop online with friends though. Unfortunately, EA has decided to tie the newest installment into their money-grabbing online pass system. Since I won't support having to pay to play online on top of my xbl sub I guess I won't be playing this one.

If you buy it and can play online or just want to play single player then give it a try. Otherwise, pass on this one and go rent a better shooter that doesn't make you pay extra for the privilege of playing the full game.

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the good the bad and the bravo.

posted by doctordarkspawn (KEYSER, WV) May 4, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

right. il get the good stuff out of the way first.the enemy ai is solid the cover system works and the story is suprisingly intense.

NOW lets get to the bad stuff.bravos ai was droped on its code as a subroutine.i swere it to the gods above what in the frack.
this thing does not think act or shoot like any human being ive ever seen. one minut hes doin perfect covering me and doin a good job. the next second he runs out into the street and gets run over for a instant game over.this guy goes from a supersoldier to a complete infant in the space of a milisecond.

it got so bad that in the final battle where you face off against a vehicle in a enclosed villa...he sat there in the same place and got smashed against a wall so dang mutch i had to switch to easy mode.

and that is not the last of it. bad guy beaten the ending cutscene plays. then i get the following message.

bravo was killed.

HOW DO YOU SCREW UP THIS BAD GUYS. there is incompitense, stupidity and then there is a black mark on humanity, the programers are the worst ive seen in a long time.

the game is bug ridden but everything els other then bravos ai is solid.

so the score is twofold. A 4 for if you have to play solo.bravo is the thing that will hold you back.
but if you can find a co op partner it gets a 7. a good game but far from perfect.

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GF Rating


perfect game

posted by truthteller (NEWARK, DE) May 2, 2013

Member since May 2013

A game I have been looking at for a long time.

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