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Army of Two: The 40th Day


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Very Good

Get a friend and give it a shot -Good Rent-

posted by UberBoob (CLARKSTON, MI) Jan 13, 2010

Member since Aug 2006

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Co-op is actually a lot of fun with this one. Like the first, you play as Rios and Salem, two bromancing mercs that wear ballistic masks and play rock,paper,scissors in the middle of a fire fight.

If you played and liked the first one, you'll probably rent and dig this one, get your 8 - 10 hrs of fun, then send it back. The single player, like the first AoT game, takes second stage to the co-op play. Not to say it's not worth playing, just know that this game was design for 2 players. The game uses the 'AGGRO' system, which is a meter that gauges who is causing more of a ruckus. The enemies will go for the guy with more AGGRO while the other player can sneak around the flank.

The story is better this time around, the voice acting is good, there is more customization for your weapons and armor, the enemies are a tiny bit smarter, and there is something blowing up every 10 seconds. Also, i gave the multiplayer a go. It's no MW2 or Halo community, but its kinda fun.

+ Great co-op moments
+ The Aggro system is back and still works
+ The customization is a nice touch
+ Summer action movie feel

- AI is still kinda dumb
- Glitches and clipping from enemies
- Texture pop-in

-Bottom Line: Rent this one. Invite one of your friends. And have some fun pwning fools. You may end up keeping it depending on how much you like the co-op.

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A good weekend for you and a friend

posted by tarkus31 (SUSSEX, WI) Jun 19, 2011

Member since May 2011

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This game is an ok sequel to a pretty good game. Most of the stuff from the first remains, like the team work and weapon customization, which you can now perform at any time, as long as you are not in combat and also has a TON of new parts/options for customization.

However, thats really the only fun part. The shooting customization. The game gets repetative, but its what you'd expect.

Also, if there was a story to this game, my friend and I werent aware of it. You basically fight your way though Shanghai for some reason that is barely explained even in the final cut scene.

The game is also pretty easy, as a friend and I beat it in a weekend on normal mode.

So if you and a buddy have a weekend to kill, this isnt a bad game to do it with, but dont expect a thrilling/time consuming experience.

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Good overall game

posted by bms284 (SEDALIA, MO) Jan 16, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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I own Army of Two and was sceptical to say the least about the claims that Army of Two 40th Day was going to blow the original out of the water. I must say that the graphics are slightly better than the frist game, the control scheme is a thousand times better, the weapons customization is outstanding, and the gameplay is a lot more interesting. That being said, this game does not offer much in the way of new and exciting gameplay, same old run through a pretty much pre-designated path through a level killing other "mercs". There are many little hiding spots that are inaccessible, meaning that there are doorways that would provied excelent cover from enemy fire that you can not get into (unlike COD MW 2) leaving you hopelessly exposed to a "heavy guard" or standard troop. However, what the game lacks in level diversity, it makes up for in weapons and weapon customization, and to make things just that much better, once youve bought something (I.E. a camo pattern) you can apply it to any firearm in your arsenal. The camera angles take a little getting use to for those AoT veterans, but once mastered allows you a greater vantage point to take out enemy targets. The GPS has been upgraded, and you get a chance to either be a "good merc" or a "bad merc". Both of which have their perks in this game (not gonna spoil which brings which kind of pros or cons). All in all this is a very good game overall, however, it is lacking in some areas.

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