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Army of Two: The 40th Day


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Decent shooter improved over the original

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jan 20, 2010

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Just what's going on in Shanghai? Planes are crashing, bombs are going off, buildings are toppling into each other, and squads of soldiers are roaming the streets shooting everyone in sight. Such is the predicament that Salem and Rios find themselves in EA's new shooter "Army of Two:40th Day". This is a much improved sequel over the original game, tightening up the shooting mechanics and upping the intelligence of the AI (both your partner's, if you're a solo player, and that of your enemies). Graphics have also been given an overhaul, with some nice particle effects. There are still some problems, however. Even though the enemies will behave smarter at times than their counterparts in the previous game, they still lapse into stupidity, sometimes not shooting until you shoot them first. There is the occassional slowdown, and the controls slip here and there (sprinting, while helpful, can be clumsy). Sound is good, and the voice acting is decent. The story's thin, but this is a game you play to shoot things, not get an Oscar winning screenplay. There are even some moral choices to be made at points in the game, and they provide a nice touch. The overall campaign for single player (or splitscreen co-op, if you choose) is very short- its seven chapters clock in at 5-7 hours. While there is some replayability with the co-op, multiplayer, and even making the alternate moral choices, there's just not enough here to warrant the full purchase price. Still, it's a decent shooter, a fair amount of fun, and worth playing. It's just better as a rental.

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Its OK

posted by KarimZ (DORAL, FL) Jan 19, 2010

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me and my friend played the whole game on hard to get the trophy and when we beat it we didnt even get the one for beating it on any difficulty, later we replayed the game on easy to get sum trophies dun and it the hard trophy popped up at the end of ch 3????!!!!

Guns are wierd too

AK with a m4 barrel and a sniper scope with a soda can silencer

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Very Good

Good Game

posted by aceboogie (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Jan 17, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

This game was good in action and detail but the story line could have been better and the game was to short

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