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not worth it

posted by mrwinkie72 (SANDY, UT) Aug 6, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

what a piece of &%$# game not worth the money no plot no anything i wouldnt waste my money on renting or buying this game

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posted by add1ct (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) Jun 12, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

Online only. Graphics are childish. Must join a team to play online.

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A disservice to Armored Core fans

posted by FascistKarp (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jun 11, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

ACV takes everything Armored Core has built upon and throws it out the window. Up until now, AC has been a primarily Single-player game where you can test your builds against other players in gladiator arenas and it's been excellent. This game is clearly an Online Game with token single player aspect and, even worse, forces you to experience the single player parts to access the things the game designers actually wanted you to play.

If you liked working the different weapon manufacturers and choosing from multiple missions to get the best profit/favor, all the while fine tuning your Mech with the latest technology, you should avoid ACV like I wish I did.

The team interface is a huge pain to Singleplayer and completely compulsory. If you have 0 interest in trying to pathetically start your own insignificant team or joining an established one and getting bossed around by ego-tripping nerds online than this game has nothing else to offer you. The SP missions are linear and boring, basically worthless, and the offline gladiator battle arenas are completely gone. And because this is a niche online-style of a niche game in a niche genre, the amount of players is terrible. There's 3 teams that control everything, so joining or starting anything else is a waste of everyone's time. Who even knows 5 people that all play Armored Core anyway? I've met a total of 2 other people that like the series in my 22 years of life.

The story is literally incomprehensible. My Helo pilot was shot down, then 2 seconds later flying around spouting out some nonsense about her dad (I later found out they named the dictator "Father" -_-) and his influence. It's even more impenetrable than Evangelion on your first watch.

Overall, this game is a textbook example of how "Next-gen online connectivity" does not always improve a game and in fact can destroy a perfectly good IP, and I greatly fear we will never see a good armored core game again now they've gone Online-focused.

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