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Okay enough game, but has its problems

posted by KibaMoonheart (GLENWOOD, AR) Sep 27, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

I found Armored Core 5 to be a good game... In theory. The storyline is well thought-out and the voice-acting and cinematic scenes are very well done. The problems come in, at least for me, with the controls. Perhaps it was different in Armored Core 4, but in 4 Answer, the control scheme was simple and easy to manage, and very efficient. Those controls are mostly thrown out in Armored Core 5, and while I do like that I can now fire weapons with the triggers as opposed to the bumpers, the setup wastes the boost finesse that is found in 4 Answer. By putting the boost control in a trigger, 4 Answer allowed the player to ascend, hover, or descend as needed. Armored Core 5 takes that ability away by putting the boost control into a single button, disallowing boost height management and creating small but needless headaches. While it is understandable that AC design hadn't progressed anywhere near where it was in the previous title, there are several points in cinematic scenes for the campaign when the boost was used as in 4 Answer, but there was no way to emulate the feats in actual gameplay.

Due to the swap-up of controls, playing AC5 for the first time can become frustrating, especially when coming straight from playing 4 Answer. Another flaw, in my opinion, is the way the developers managed AC customization in the new title. While the previous game had a fairly simple and straightforward approach to creating an AC, this title seems to have wanted to break away from the norm and do its own thing, and the results are those that I personally think ruin that particular aspect. The overall feel of the Customization menu simply feels clunky, like it was added in as an afterthought instead of being a more important piece of the game, as I believe it should be.

Overall, while the storyline and movies for the game stand with powerhouses such as Halo in terms of emotional reactions, the controls bring it down hard, and the rating suffers.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great change from previous AC gameplay

posted by xbuster15 (FREDERICKTOWN, PA) Sep 22, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

Definately a good change with movement and aiming the larger weapons. Great story with tons of side missions. The core dynamics I thought were very complex and impressive.

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GF Rating


pretty good

posted by Bappy56 (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Sep 13, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

WARNING LONG REVIEW:so first ill go over the charictars. so the main charictar is Rosary for the first, and second mision(depending your choice)you're her but dont worry you barley even notice guys. And next is Fran you squadron leader and flys you're transport(but both are awsome). Next is carroll shes on second storie mission as the commander. Three more people first RD I have no clue who he is hes a big part in the storie though. last but not least the bad guys first chief overall and no other leader and his assistant who I forgot the name of. now the guns and armor of ARMORED CORE V. so much diffrent and guns marked by the word cannons that zoom and you cant move but they make up for it in bosses are bigger badder and stronger with BACK UP MAN so be extremly carful especaily of snipers that deal extreme damage to youre AC (Armored Core) so careful to stay out of line of fire. And the advanced physics the gun arch more and flight is hard you have to leap off buildings to get higher but I like it it depends on how you like it so try before you buy. And last the storie line is so far great, and now I'm done.

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