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Not for everyone

posted by Frazzleberry (FREEVILLE, NY) Mar 29, 2012

Member since May 2011

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Going into this game I had no expectations aside from playing a game where I play as a mech and blow up other mechs.

That being said it was an extremely average experience that I wouldn't recommend to anyone who isn't already an Armored Core fan or a hardcore Robot enthusiast.

Story: Almost non existent and the bit that is there is below average and almost unnecessary. You pretty much have two types of missions, Story and Orders. Story missions have cutscenes and follow a rebel group that's trying to oppose "Father". The order missions are basically one or two objectives that would have been in the story missions, a mini mission if you will.

Gameplay: Pretty standard. You build a robot out of hundreds of parts that effect dozens of different things such as movement speed, turning speed, boost power, boost duration, attack power, reload speed, attack range, rader, lock-on, ETC.

The one thing that does shine however is the attempt at bridging Single-Player and Multi-Player. In the beginning you create a clan or join another clan, from there you work with other players to make your clan rank go up allowing you to gain access to new parts and take over player controlled areas!

Sound: Both music, sound effects and Voice Acting were all extremely average if not below, none if it will be remembered.

Like I said in the beginning, you will only like this game if you are already a Mech fan or series fan. If you are curious about trying out the Mech genre I'd suggest trying out the
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Armored Core V

posted by Coochie (BLACK CANYON CITY, AZ) Apr 11, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

1 out of 3 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

I have played every Armored Core that has come out hoping that they would improve in each new game. Sadly though, this one is the same as the rest, boring and not up to par with other games in the graphics department. It has and still feels like a cheap arcade game experience. I used to play MechWarrior 2, 3, & 4 for PC back in the day and thats how I got into Mech games in the first place. So I was hoping to have something similar with Armored Core, but it's not even close.

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come ONLINE or not at all

posted by cyberhero (ONTARIO, CA) Mar 23, 2012

Member since Apr 2008

5 out of 18 gamers (28%) found this review helpful

I'm not too big on the armored core series the only one I've really played was armored core for answer and honestly I enjoyed it and V just feels small in comparison, apparently this time you play with some support characters that I had a hard time remembering who is who since everyone kinda sounds the same, in "For Answer" after every mission your told how much you earned for the mission then taking to a shop menu where oyu can buy anything you need helmets, guns, armor, paint, chips, fries but in AC V you don't have any of that your basically stuff with your mech the way it is, another issue I have is the weapons after about two mech a fights you'll use up about all of your ammo and it will switch to a shooting some kind of blue paint cloud thats a substitute which is about as much use as using a meat mallet to chop down a tree. The story gets hard to follow right from the get-go one mission you chase down this mech that was leader of a resistance then the guy you chased gets killled by someone else then they leave next the story jumps ahead a year later and your part of the resistance Idk if I'm even playing at the same guy?. so I think the real exp, I want in the online play which I don't have it seems online play has become the new stock market for game companys everything that made a game good is getting taken out for DLC making the game less fun then it could have been. but no people get hyped up fora game buy it and pay more for an exp. that already should be included but no they keep feeding into this madness and thats why games are like they are today its all a money thing now. Listen I know you guys need money but you can't get rich off the poor. but you can get rich off the stupid I suppose.

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