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Like legos for adults.

posted by InspecterJ (NEW YORK, NY) Oct 17, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

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This is not a game that I would go around recommending to everybody. There are a lot of things to hate and loathe about it, but, there are a lot of things to love as well. The campaign is reasonably short but has different paths each letting you play new missions and unlocking more parts. It took me three tries to get through all the missions. The campaign isn't the focus of the game though, the majority of your time isn't spent fighting or doing missions, its spent tuning and working on your mech. Let me tell you ahead of time, the learning curve is steep, VERY steep (there's an insane amount of weapons/parts to use). If you're someone who likes to be able to just pick up a game and "kick butt" then this isn't for you. The first few times you fight fellow NEXTs (mechs equal to your own) you are going to get your butt handed to you and it will take a lot of tinkering and playing around before you manage to beat one. With time however, you will start to grasp some idea of what you are doing. I came into this game an Armored Core virgin and came out truly enjoying the game. I went through plenty of frustrating "throw the controller at the wall" moments, but it makes all the better when you succeed. This game simply isn't for everyone, if you aren't the type to spend countless hours tinkering and tuning your machine over and over just to get the right configuration to be able to beat one mission or fellow next, then don't even bother you wont like this game. It might sound like this entire game is just a chore, but its a labor of love. There are countless ways to play this game and you can have the mech type of your dreams. Just don't expect it to be able to beat everyone, adaptability isn't recommended its necessary. This one is worth the time investment it requires, not many games have that going for them.

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If you can get used to the controls...

posted by Gaignun (LA QUINTA, CA) Sep 8, 2010

Member since Aug 2005

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Its absolutely brilliant if you can get used to using more than two shoulder buttons at once.

The controls are hard to use at first, but since when is piloting giant robots supposed to be easy? They're big, they're bulky, and they're awesome! Make your own Giant Robot to suit your style of play, tune it to further complement you, and pick weapons that you like (I suggest machine guns, they have a lot of ammo and do plenty of damage), and practice until you can use your AC at full efficiency.

You can customize everything about your AC. Absolutely every piece is one you can change, and if you don't like a part then you can sell it for exactly how much you paid. Make your own paint job to look exactly like you want to. Make your own symbol. Want a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a revolver, a samurai sword and fire breath painted on your AC? You can do that. Its easy to do if you learn how. This game is exactly as fun as you are willing to make it, and no less.

Heres some quick things to know, to get you started.

Get a good generator. You need energy to fly, and flying is a good way to dodge things.

You can turn quickly by "Boosting" while turning. Be careful not to overshoot your target!

Start off with simple, then graduate to control style B. Simple automatically boosts on the ground, but strafing is harder. Control Style B strafes easily, but you need to boost manually and be able to use all four shoulder buttons at once.

Think of the different levels in the emblem creation as Photoshop layers. That way it will be easier to understand.

Machine guns spew out a steady stream of damage with decent accuracy and have a large amount of ammo for their damage. Chase down your enemy while shooting two and they'll be done if they're bad against bullets. For tougher enemies have a grenade launcher on your back. Experiment with other weapons, machine guns are practical but maybe you like blades more! Pay attention to how your foes fight and change equipment to own them!

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Armored Core

posted by Kotor189 (BURNSVILLE, MN) Jan 22, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

I'm giving this game a 9 because the game holds a good mix of everything if you love mech kinda stuff and love video games and love to build then folks RENT THIS GAME! you start offchoosing sides from multiple corporations and they give you a stock mech from there you as always do missions to unlock stuff to buy and add-on to your mech and make him stronger and better at missions and with all the kinds of parts and weapons including tons more news part and weapons that they've added on, you have literally hundreds even thousands of combinations from which to build your AC. Your AC and its awesomness is only limited by your imigination the graphics are very crisp and robust and not choppy like past idirations in the franchise and the missions althoe some are shorter then others and some are long but the short ones usually entail some objective to eliminate a Enemy AC or strike some huge fortress with legs if you've seen the video trailer for the game you know what im talking about, there are several huge giant fortress like AC Bases that you have to assault in the game one has four or six legs and the legs are about as huge and thick as city size tower buildings the other remaining ones are a couple of ships another one is a huge hovering base that lookes like a pair of angel wings the other is a giant train with multiple Gatling guns that shoot bullets as huge as your AC this is a very fun game its worth renting and there are about 45 to 60 missions then there are the side missions where you battle rival ACs from other Corporations and by defeating them you unlock there AC schematics and you gain there logo kind of emblems its worth it the game is $60 but it has a long Length of gameplay and with tons of Combos to build from with your AC it has big replay value So Rent It Today!.

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