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Armored Core: For Answer


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Horrible is an understatement.

posted by Paladin76 (MALAKOFF, TX) Jul 9, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

This is the single most horrible game that I have ever played on this generation of console.

Terrible would be an unsult to all the terrible games out there that are far better than this one. The controls are bad, the graphics are PS1 quality, the missions are lame, and your little robot does things that you do not tell it to do.

This "game" was sealed up and returned within 30 minutes.

Terrible, just terrible.

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The AC series is sadly failing

posted by Schpenke (THE COLONY, TX) Jun 13, 2009

Member since Nov 2005

While AC:FA does manage to maintain the basic general level of NEXT customizations as previous titles, the over all game play in this version is very disappointing. I own every AC title up to "For Answer", but I was reluctant to buy it after being let down by AC4. I'm glad I didn't purchase it.

The NEXT controls seem too sluggish and murky in AC:FA. Even more so than in AC4. I notice in the patch history that Regulation 1.40 includes a patch "to slow down overall game speed". Really? Is that what the Armored Core series is about? Slow game speed? No thanks. Your opponent NEXTs seem to have no issue with speed, so it would appear that they've completely disregarded any attempt to "slow down overall game speed". Instead you're left having circles run around you by even he weakest opponent while you are left struggling to perform any proper evasive, attack, or defensive maneuvers because of slow control response.

If you're really interested in what the AC series was check out any of the PS2 AC titles. Those are fantastic, and I still play them today. This one has been castrated in an attempt to appease "casual gamers", and those new to the series. What a shame.

Also the building and terrain textures are horrid. They take damage and can be destroyed, but man are they ugly. However, the NEXTs themselves are generally very nice looking, and the pure raw power and size of the gun platforms that you're tasked with fighting are nothing short of brilliant. It's too bad the visuals are so overshadowed by the poor game play. Rent if you're a fan, avoid if you're new to the series.

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looking for answers!!

posted by ezdamenace (OAKLAND, CA) Jan 28, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

i was so disappointed i was expecting something similar at ZOE, but was really bad because everybody was shooting at me and it was nothing i could do. if they manage to fix the flaws on this game , probably they may get better rating or better sales. but for now 4.5

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